Can't you see?

I'm dying now

You're killing me

And you don't even

Contain the decency

To get it over with quickly

No, you take your knife

And sharpen it in front of me

Torturing me with the question

Of what will happen next

Taunting me with the thought

That I might get away

But, now, you've let me go

Lost interest in me

But I'm still observing you

From a distance, of course

Only being so close

Fearing being captured

By you, yet again


I end up back in my cage

Who knows

Maybe I was the one

Who locked the door

But I'm still searching for a sign

Any at all

That you still care

And want to be with me

Yet I've found nothing

And my quest has failed

It's just as obvious as ever

That you don't care

You're short attention span

Your busy life

And your "so-called" friends

Have taken you from me

But I'm still waiting in my cell

Waiting for your attention span

To turn back to me

And for your life

To not be so demanding

Most of all

Waiting for you

To come back to me

Whether it's to save me

Or resume the torture

I'm still not-so-patiently waiting...