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Day Dreams

"Ouch, will you please watch where, you're going with that thing?" I told the props man that just bumped into me. He shrugged and continued on his way. The entire backstage was in disarray, scripts were found all over the floor and various stage props were still missing or half done. If I directed this play, there wouldn't be any problems, I thought irritably as I waited at the left stage entrance for my cue.

"Leah, watch out for your cue," Camille, the stage director intoned.

"For the millionth time Camille, it's my play; I wrote it so don't you tell me to watch out for my cues, I haven't missed one so far have I?" I hissed sending Camille running to Vivian, the so called director of this disaster. Stupid Drama Teacher wants to give someone else a shot at directing my play, not only that she puts me on stage too.

I went back to watching what was transpiring on stage. It was the scene where Le Andre hears Francine's confession of killing his father with poison not only that but she was madly in love with him. The play was set in the Victorian era, but that didn't seem to matter since, Kat-Kat can make any costume too revealing. I pulled the neckline of my dress up again. I continued to watch as Chris paced around the stage as the character Le Andre. He couldn't look more perfect.

Here it is again, I thought as that familiar feeling fills me. I've worked with Chris for so long on all these plays both for the school and in various workshops but I never could get rid of this feeling for him.

Chris continues to pace, but then he stops. He turns towards the left stage entrance, and stares straight at me. I quiver, was it my cue? No, he hasn't said the line yet, I know it. He walks purposefully towards me, his brown eyes intent. I couldn't take my eyes off of him neither could I move. He reaches me, and takes my hand that tightly attached itself to one of the curtains, I pulled aside.

"I wonder what's so important. You sounded so worried when you called for me," Chris recites my cue line, so close to me that I can smell his scent. I made to push him towards the stage, this wasn't part of the play, and the audience couldn't see us. He stood steadfast and then stirred me towards his dressing room.

"Chris?" I whispered as he led me away from the stage. For some reason, I didn't put up much of a fight and let him just lead me. We got into the dressing room. Chris shut the door behind him and hadn't bothered to turn on the lights as he continued to gaze at me. His tussled black hair falling over his face, his Victorian costume didn't look the least bit awkward on him and made him look quite elegant. To tell the truth, I had Chris in mind while I was writing this play's manuscript. He was my Le Andre.

"Vivian is going to kill you if we don't get back," I said, keeping my level head despite the waves of anticipation and longing that was rippling through me.

Chris came close, "So what? We've put on magnificent performances for the last two nights already. I say, we screw this one up just to give her a heart attack."

"But… but why? You mad at her or something?"

"Not quite, but I'll tell you one thing Leah," he reached and pulled me close wrapping his strong arms around me. "Kissing you and not having you? You are too clever to tease me in such a way." He lifted my chin upward and kissed me, I held onto him for support. My hands were shaking as ripples of pleasure coursed through me. After all this time, Chris was finally here.

He ran his hands down my back, sending electricity through my system. I pressed myself towards him. I felt his well sculpted body beneath the white loose shirt he was wearing. I have always liked it that he took good care of himself.

We pulled apart for air, "Chris," I whispered barely getting his name out.

"It's been too long, Leah," he breathed into my neck as he mocked me with light kisses behind my ear, his voice husky.

"Ouch, what the he--?" I said as something heavy just hit my head, waking me.

"What are you doing, are you sick or something? You're kinda hot," Rhea asked. She placed her hands on my forehead, she was my best friend which gives her the right to hit me when she sees fit and for my own benefit. "Chris said your cue ages ago."

"Oh, right," I said, flustered and stumbled on stage. The swirling pool of heat in between my legs hadn't dissipated yet. I gulped to regain my composure.

"There you are Francine, what's so important, you sounded quite worried when you called for me," recited Chris.

"It's just that… that…that I," I stuttered and gulped again.

"Won't you take a sit, are you alright?" Chris asked sincerely. Vivian must be going mad backstage nothing was going according to plan.

"Thank you, Le Andre, I'm fine, but I have something terrible to tell you."

"And what is that, my dearest Francine?" He asked and tilted my head to him.

I'll just have to wait till the finale's kiss, I thought as I felt him so close to me "I… I killed your father." I delivered my well rehearsed line, quivering voice and all.