A/n: another one of my papers... please note that Sunken Garden is just like any old park... just a name of a park here at our university... so r&r please... goal of this one was to show not tell the mood of the persona... did i pass???

Sunken Garden

I'm in the Sunken Garden. No, I have no idea what I'm doing here. And no, there is no one I need to meet, unlike those two in the next bench. Okay, they're holding hands and becoming all mushy, and I'm looking away. Lovey-dovey stuff isn't really my thing.

Well, Sunken has nothing new to offer me. There are orgs gathering here and there, singing some song off tune, people playing softball, football, whatever else ball there is and Frisbee. Same old grass, same old sky, same old tree. Wait, there's new vandalism on the tree. Andrei loves Steph. I stand corrected new, typical vandalism on tree. What is it with people and their need to hurt these poor things? I mean, yeah, sure you love Steph but the tree won't care. I don't and I bet you, whoever passes by won't either. Well, sorry, tree what can I do? You're branded.

Now, look at these other two, if ever they stared into a brick wall with the same intensity as they are at each other now, we would probably through three buildings already. Hopefully, they could disintegrate the Math Building, I got an exam tomorrow.

What the--? What are those two doing here? Assignment, froup work? I doubt it. Common sense says you don't need to put your hand her waist while walking to find a spot to sit on. Its millions of degrees out being that close to someone could practically kill you. That's it, stupid cloudless, blue sky; you can watch over this bunch, I'm out of here.

"Ouch, hey what's your problem?" Why can't people watch where they're going?

"Hey, Mia."

"Oh, it's you," I shrug, "Gotta go, see you around, Andrei. Oh and hey, Steph" Oh, how I hate this patch of land right now.