Joy Ride

Consistency aside
(You were always impossible)
You grew and morphed
And took me along
For the joy ride-
Only I was unaware
(as usual)
That we were moving
At all

And I suppose you loved
(And equally despised)
The sights you saw
With the colors blurred
So that you could make your
Own judgments about
The places passing by
Without ever leaving
The safety of your car

And should I wish
To stop and settle
You would rev the engine
Eager for a quick escape
Because there is no-place-like-home
(Really, there is no place)
And no reason to visit
Because it can't be as good
As the road to nowhere

And unprotected
(How can you protect yourself
From unforeseen dangers?)
When we collided
I didn't know whether to weep
Or to breathe a sigh of relief
When I hurtled through the
Glass and flames
And your seat-belt held you fast
In the burning car

A/N: About a girl I knew.