Ice Queen

She thrives in the gelidity
Her pearly, pale flesh
Cool and impenetrable
Like crystal-plated armor
Deflecting the black-ash
Scenes of strife

And she glistens, laced
In curlicue frost-swirls
Resplendent in white-metal hues
Putting the tainted street-slush
To further shame

And glistening, she walks the streets
A brilliant beacon, slick like ice:
The grime and blood (and love)
Take no hold

And in her own ice-walled cage
She holds her silvered, embossed heart
High above her, far from prying fingers
And those who would warm it

And the lustrous icicles clinging to
Her eyelashes
Don't hinder her ability to look
Or to ignore what she sees

A/N: Somewhat inspired by a girl I knew, somewhat inspired by Jadis, the White Witch of Narnia. . .