I never thought I could feel so safe

I was right


Yet, I never realized

As a run along… trying to make up for lost time


I couldn't sleep

But when I was with you

It didn't matter that you just sat there


You didn't mind my company

That touched me


As I run

To the meeting

Expecting you to be there with others

I didn't notice the drops of silence

Crying "murder" as the fell

To the blood soaked floor below.


A scream escaped my startled being

As I saw you

Pined on that tainted wall with your own sword

-But it wasn't tainted; your blood couldn't taint-

Your eyes still stared into space

Although I knew you were dead


I knew the tears where running down my cheeks

I knew the others could see me weep

And now they see you too

"Beware" the word echo in my mind

And revenge is my poor caring soul's

New goal.


They had to lock me up

To keep me from killing him

-Or rather from being killed by him-

Your image in my mind

You could have woken me before you left