AN: This guy wanted too much from me, and I felt like he didn't even understand anything about me.

for some reason

I smear red over white and love the effect

oh my lovely departed

I've put flowers on your graves

I used to wish I was dead like you

now I don't know what I want

Is it possible to be torn into many different pieces?

I'd try it but it hurts to much

I just open the medicine cabinet

shake that bottle a few times

and the sound of death comforts a disgustingly sick mind like mine

stick my finger down my throat

I think there's holes in my wrists

but I'm not sure

because you're all over me, and I don't know anything about myself anymore

take my bones

tie them together with a black ribbon

and put it on the doorstep of the church

my hearts aflame

because I'm confined to this addiction for a shadows beverage

when everyone around me is drinking in light

I'm just a dirty rotten misfit