A/N: So, I don't like this really. The words just aren't coming out properly. BUT, I would really like any advice or constructive crit. Feed-back, any ideas for improvement. Something about it bugs me, but I can't pick out what. PLEASE help if you can. Thanks!

This charade has served you well
(You could always smile flawlessly
Without reason to be happy)
If heartache comes
From being loved
Until that lover breaks
The shards of me that can't
Be found must have
Cut you deep and bled you dry

Each word fallen from your lips
Is powerless without you
"I love you" is just a line
When you don't feel a thing
Your breathy excess
Of "run-away-togethers"
Could have taken form
If you hadn't just watched me run?

Maybe we weren't going fast enough
For you to fall
Or maybe I shouldn't have caught you
When you started
(You wouldn't have felt it anyway)

And you still carry your wounds
Like I did this to you
And smile like 'victim'
Is the place to be
I suppose it's easy to live with
When you don't feel a thing.

Funny how you hurt so bad
When I felt for the both of us
I suppose it's better for your conscience
That you pretend to still want me
(Word on the street is that you loved me)
Too bad hearts don't have ears
I bet it is easier to be in love
When you don't feel a thing