Like a Moth to the Flame

I envy what I once had,

Back then I was so glad…

But again, you've told me "Too Bad…"

Locked in your eyes and I can't escape

Why can't I fix this with duct tape?

Why can't I mend my heart?

Well I guess I'm not so important to you anymore

But I don't feel like closing this door

You were what I was waiting for…

And you've hurt me again,

You're still proving to be my downfall

Why can't I avoid the light in your eyes?

Like a moth to the flame, I am drawn

And I get too close before I notice the pain

So I fly away, thinking to never come back

And yet I keep coming back for more

Like a moth to the flame

But now I'm sick of this game

One moth can only take so much pain

Yet I don't know where to go

So for now I'll just sit here

Let the light I see in your eyes warm me

But now the fire is too hot for me

So I'll fly away…but I'm already burning

And as I fall from grace

I will see your pretty face

And I'll ask "Why….why did you give up?"

And as I finally leave this place

I will see your pretty face

And I'll ask "How could you give up on us?"

Like a moth to the flame, an irrestible call

I try to fly away, but burn and take the fall

Will I ever learn my lesson?