These People

Right as I enter the depressing room of both horror and dismay,

I cradle my head gently and quietly wait for the end of the day.

My heart keeps telling me to stay put and remain strong,

But my brain reminds me of how I'm oh-so-very wrong.

I want to focus in on what these people are saying,

But the inside of my head is just slowly decaying.

I can't help but feel sorry for myself for being so misunderstood,

Why can't I just be a normal girl and for once be amazingly good?

No one believes I'm capable to do what's honestly right,

I need to show them this once that I'm ready for the fight,

I'll prove them to be mistaken as they bow down to the great me,

And as soon as they hear my battles cries, I'll happily watch them flee.

For I can be friendly if I want, but only if they're willing to be nice,

And if they dare to show their ugly side, I'll make sure they pay the price.

I have had enough of them always telling me exactly what to do,

They can't judge me from my looks, because they haven't got a clue.

I know I shall never be good enough in the eyes of these creatures,

These impossible humans that eagerly go by the name 'teachers.'