I need to stop and talk about a few things.

First of all, let's begin with black. If you want to wear endless amounts of black, that's fine. Sure, you'll look exactly like all of the other of hundreds upon thousands of teeny boppers who do the exact same thing, but that's your decision and I'm not here to change that. You can act like a moron all you like.I don't give a good god damn. But I swear to God, if I hear another retard talk about how they get called Goth, I will start shooting things. I don't know what the hell your angle is. All I know is that everytime I hear someone running their mouth about how they are "falsely associated with Goth," they are either huge emo fans, huge numetal fans, huge Anne Rice fans, or poseurs. If you are going to make a point of looking utterly ridiculous and having a wardrobe that is composed solely of black clothing (something which, by the way, almost never occurs in the Goth culture), don't babble on about how you are called Goth, but don't really know what Goth is, or don't really think you are Goth, or you are expressing yourself, or its your favorite color, or whatever half-assed reasoning you have made up to seem like less of a loser. The fact that you make a point about saying that people think you are a Goth speaks a hell of a lot louder than the rest of your bullshit. So you want people to stop seeing you in a stereotypical manner? Stop fulfilling the goddamn stereotype. It's as simple as that. You aren't depressed? Don't spend all day whining about how much life sucks and showing off the little papercuts you made on your wrists. You aren't a teeny bopper? Don't go out of your way to seem like one. Pointing out that you have no clue what Goth is, but are bland enough to be mistaken for one shows not only that you are ignorant, but also that you are blissfully unperceptive. "Gee, I went to Hot Topic the other day and spent 500 dollars on a pair of bondage pants and an Evanescence hoodie, then spent nine hours doodling on my eyeballs with eyeliner, and people called me gothic. I don't know why people do this. I don't know what Goth is!"

Hey, dipshit. Whether or not you say you are goth is irrelevant. If you try to look the part of a goth you are just as bad as any moron who says that they are one. Most poseurs do say that they aren't goth (yet always make sure to point out how other people "accuse" them of being one) but the fact that they are like you and defend how they dress and their music as gothic shows that they are only pretending that they think they're not. Of course the second someone confronts you about it, it's "don't label me this, don't label me that." Shut the fuck up. I mean, really. First you morons wear all black and run around trying to look like whatever you think "gothic" is, then you act pissed off when teens who, like you, know absolutely nothing about the subculture at all, are misled into thinking you are one. And then you use it as an excuse to whine about how everyone labels you and you're sooo misunderstood.

Sure, the vast majority of people out there won't think twice before writing you off as goth, if only because they are every bit as ill-informed as you are. But when you do meet someone who is not a complete and total fuckwad, don't be surprised when they mock you for it. Rather like I am doing now. If I hear another one of you little dipshits whining about beinglabeled goth while simultaneously scowling your practiced little mallcore "scary" faces, I am going to scream. Do you know why you aren't goth, my mentally challenged little friend? It's nothing so noble as "oh, I'm against stereotyping and labels," it's just the simple fact that you don't know shit about shit about shit. All you achieve by dripping black gunk from your eyes (presumably because you can't tell the difference between your dick and your eyeliner stick, although judging by your makeup you probably have better aim with the latter...?) is that you solidify the fact that you really don't know much about anything, that you show how hopelessly insecure about your own identity you are and how desperately you wish to be a part of this subculture that you know nothing about. In other words, you show that you are a poseur. And as poseurs go, not a particularly bright or capable one.

So in summary,







And one last thing. I am really tired of all you little pseudo-gawthlings trying to flaunt your faux-depression bit at me. You've seen this, right? Of course you have. Some dumbass always muttering Marilyn Manson lyrics, dressed in black, out of nowhere decides that in order to look more hardcore to the other kiddies on the playground, they have to pretend that they're being opressed by the "fashist Christians" and sostarts spouting off about how depressed they are, how everyone's out to get them, life sucks, blah blah blah.

Newsflash: you are not fucking depressed.

No, you're not.You're full of shit, that's it. You're bullshitting yourself and you're bullshitting me when you insist otherwise. There is no horrible, oppressive atmosphere, there is no depressing world, there is no tortured retreat into your mind. There is only your immaturity and boredom, manifesting itself into teenage drama in the form of fake depression. Shut the fuck up about it. It's bad enough that you're doing your best to saturate and ruin the actual goth scene for everybody. Do you really need to be bitching and moaning about every little thing for no good reason? Would it kill you to get the fuck over yourself? You have a roof over your head, food to eat, clothes to wear, and people who take care of you, which is a lot more than most of the world has. And most of the world doesn't feel the need to dress up like every other pathetically angst-ridden teenager wailing about the "validity of their image" or whateverit is you little Hot Topic shits like to cry about nowadays.

Now before all you Mansonites try to bombard me with misspelled insults and poorly structured arguments, I do accept that there are some kids who are genuinely depressed out there. However, I refuse to believe that every dipshit wearing entirely too much eyeliner and running around complaining that their diamond shoes are too big is on Zoloft. (For that matter, I also refuse to believe that every attention-whore who IS on Zoloft needs to be, but that's another story for another day.)

Oh, and one more thing: If you don't have the balls (ovaries?) to tell us all exactly what it is that has made you so goddamn depressed, I'd advise you to shut the fuck up about your so-called depression. Abusive father? Drug addiction? Kids at school are mean to you? Get a fucking helmet. I've dealt with all of these things and worse, and I feel no need to dress myself up in mass-produced "unique" clothing and snivel about how much life sucks, or try to milk sympathy from others. I don't know, maybe I am just smarter than you, but when I have a problem, I use my brain and Ideal with it. So, either you are insecure enough that you will create imaginary problems to justify your own unpopularity or social ineptitude; or you are so mind-numbingly stupid thatyou refuse to address your "issues" and are therefore a fucking dumbass. Congratulations, either way you areincredible stupid and not very inspiring or worthyof sympathy. If you don't have the cajones to tell us what it is that has made you so fucking whiny -excuse me, depressed - then stop trying to sell us your angsty bullshit. We don't feel sorry for you, we're not commiserating, and until you stop trying to fish for sympathy from us we are simply going to mock you for being such an incompetent moron.

God, I don't even know why I'm bothering to explain this to you. I mean, you people are obviously too stupid to understand what I'm trying to tell you, but here I am anyway.Why? Because I want to hammer some fucking sense into you, but you never get it. You and people like you are too stupid to live. Tell you what: Next time you play at slitting your wrists in one of your overweeningly self-indulgent little temper tantrums, don't just scratch at yourself with a paper clip. Take a razor and make sure to geta nice long lateral cut, right across the wrist. Better yet, take a scalpel and go for the jugular.

Your life is what you make it. You would all be fine if you were each stronger as aperson. You live in suburbia, for Christ's sakes. Try living in the midst of a genocide or working in some third world sweatshop if you want to complain about all the times you've wanted to/tried to kill yourself.Christ. People who really have it bad don't have time to complain. You just make all this shit up to get attention and make your life sound oh-so-dark and terrible. Kill yourself and get it over with, or stop whining. Jesus.

Now. I am not calling you rich, and I am not saying that rich is a bad thing. Maybe I'm just biased because I've had the opportunity to see more thingsthan most kids have, good and bad. I know people whose situations would kill me if I were ever in them, but what amazes me is that they do not complain about where they are, for whatever reason - they don't know anything better, they have better things to worry about, or they are just stronger than the rest of us. It greatly annoys me that you people always think you have it so bad. I suppose the better off someone is, the more they'll complain. (And no, I am not saying that I have it bad, I'm just pointing out that you don't either.) Basic human adaptation instinct. Whatever. Whine away, just don't expect sympathy.

Now, I'm not going to sit here and tell you all of what to be grateful for. You aren't worth that much time, and honestly, I don't think you would take it to heart. I'm done here. People like you distress me. You're the generation I have to share this world with. -sigh- Oh well. I'm hoping you're just going through a phase. I need a cigarette.