When you hold me in your arms
I cannot feel pain.
You fill me with your love,
Over flowing my senses with your
Sweet words that bath me
In pure emotion.
I cannot know sadness in your kiss.
All my pain and agonies,
Swept away by your soft lips.
I cannot feel fear when I'm near you.
Your strong presence fights back my demons,
Holds me in a protective shield.
So close that even the outside world
Drifts away.
When you hold me.
When you kiss me.
When you're near me.
All naysaying emotions leave me,
And wash away in the rain we run through.
In the water that cascades down both our bodies.
And in the sweat that leaves us
As we embrace again and again.
When you hold me,
I encircle you with my love and
Every fiber of my being.