God why am I writing songs about love!

Never thought it would get this far

This would fall apart

Before I got to tell you how it feels

To be in love with you

To be in love with you

To feel like everyday I make another mistake

That only manages to bring me closer to you

Another mistake that just destroys it all

But you don't care

You see through my flaws but still see me

Who I am at least trying to be

I thought this would fall apart

Before we could get this far

Now I'm laying in bed thoughts you in my head

But I don't know why your still here

I don't understand how it feels

To be in love in you

I want to anything for you

I would die for you if it would keep you alive

I would cry for you if I had the choice

I will do anything for you

Anything you asked me to

I love you

I love you

I love you

All I can do is to hope

That you love me as much

As I love you