Live-In Life Partner

By:Andrew Troy Keller

I had came to New York City

In order to escape the harm and pity

Of my home back in Montana and

Make for myself a life that's grand.

But after I had walked around the city

And not found a single job,I had

Bumped into someone walking out of a pad

And caused her to fall on the sidewalk.

Of course,I did help her off the sidewalk

And apologize for doing what made her so sad,

Only to have her tell me that

I shouldn't feel like a total rat

And allow me to call her 'Helen',

Who also invites me to be her live-in

Life partner and stay inside that

Building with her rent free.

And after I had realized that it should be

Too good an offer for me to pass

Up,I had looked at my newfound high-class

Roommate and said,"Yes,that's fine with me."