Everything that happens in this story is true. It happened on 4/13/06.


The day was beautiful. It was sunny, cloudless, and warm. It was spring break. What more could a sixteen-year-old girl ask for?

My dad had asked me to drive him down to Oregon for a convention. Since I needed driving practice, and I was really bored, I said yes.

I convinced my sister to go along with me, knowing how bored I would be. It took a while, but in the end, she was convinced with the promise of an executive suite with an indoor Jacuzzi.

So off we went. The roads were dry, and traffic was low. It looked like it would be a good trip.

At first, before we got onto the freeway, I had some driving issues, but nothing really bad. Only one missed turn and a little bit of overcautiousness.

Then, about two and a half hours into the trip, I started to drift. Being on cruise control as I was prevented me from immediately realizing that I was slowing down. I fell asleep going 70 miles per hour down I5 at 6:30 pm on April 13, 2006.

Then, suddenly, my dad was shouting at me to wake me up, because there I was, heading straight toward another car. I woke up, but not enough to realize what was happening. I hit the other car's bumper, since they were going way under the speed limit, and I careened to the left. At that part of the crash, I have no idea what happened, but suddenly we were rolling off of the freeway. My sister was screaming. All I knew was that I had to hold on tightly to the steering wheel, close my eyes and mouth. I did this even though I thought I was in a nightmare.

It was much like a nightmare too. All I could hear were my sister's screams and the breaking of glass and the impact of metal on the ground. Time seemed to slow down. Upside down, upright, on the side, flying through the air. We seemed to be everywhere. Crunch, bang, slam! My head was pounding from all the noise and jolting around.

Suddenly, after what seemed like forever, we hit the ground upright, started to lean but didn't, and finally jolted to a stop. That was when I knew that it was not a dream, and I had just crashed our '97 Plymouth Voyager, something that even my brother hadn't done. I started to cry.

My dad got out of the car and asked me and my sister if I was okay, then made us get out of the car. I did, and so did my sister. I apologized over and over, still crying. My dad told me that it was alright. "Things can be replaced, but your lives can't. I'm just glad that you're okay," he said.

Afterwards, I learned that we rolled five to seven times, and that it was amazing that we survived the crash at all, let alone without a single scratch. I suffered the worst damageā€”a seatbelt burn on my neck and a couple of bruises. My sister didn't even get one of those.

The reason we survived at all was because of the fact that we wore seatbelts. And a little bit because of our trusty van.

I also found out later that the reason I fell asleep was probably because I had been keeping irregular sleeping patterns. I'd stay up until past twelve and sleep in until around eleven. It was spring break, after all.

But I learned some valuable lessons. First and foremost, that seatbelts are the best things to have in a car wreck. Vans are also really nice to have. Remember that, when you're driving down the freeway. Others, I'd rather not share.

Like I said before, everything that happened in this story is true. I also had to talk to several police officers, insurance agents, and paramedics. I got a $150 ticket. Not as bad is it could have been, but... I totaled the car. I am going to upload a few pictures onto my web page at flickr next month when I can upload more pics, so if you are really curious about the crash, look there. The name "Roller" comes from my math teacher, who now calls me "Roller." Another thing is that all my friends are giving me a hard time. Don't fall asleep at the wheel. It's dangerous, trust me, lol ;P

Love yah all,

Bluebird >