Ok, so this story is really stupid, and really dumb, so don't read it. I'm only putting it up here because SJRaider and DisturbedKittenWritter (it might be writer now) wanted me to...it's really stupid. I repeat: REALLY STUPID. And it was a class assignment. We had to write about our culture. This was hard, because I don't have a culture. Not really, anyway. So again, don't read this. It's very stupid.


A long, long time ago, in a land far, far, away, there lived a tribe of Meghans. The Meghans were a tribe of people who were brown-haired, blue-eyed, tall and thin, and ever-so-slightly tanned. They lived in a nice house out in the country.

Every day, the Meghans worked hard at their schoolwork, and made friends with other tribes of Stephanies, Kiras, Scotts, Rachels, and many others. These friends were important to the Meghans, as their tribe believed firmly that really good friends were people you didn't come across very often.

Every Meghan was different. One was stubborn. One was mean. One was nice. One was very intelligent. One was extremely stupid. One made all the right decisions, and one made all the wrong ones. One could control her temper, and another was always ranting and getting mad about something. Every Meghan had an opposite, and every Meghan was different. There were countless thousands of them, but every Meghan knew the other. Some Meghans liked others, and some hated them all.

The Meghans were all very healthy people. They tried to eat meat and vegetables at every meal, and tried to stay away from those foods that were very unhealthy for you. They hated places like McDonalds and Burger King. They also hated it when people smoked around them, and they would never touch an alcoholic beverage or drug even if you forced it under their noses. They were unrelenting in that matter.

The Meghans had no religion, but they weren't atheists. They had no religious beliefs, and instead believed in having your own personal morals. They believed in working hard to get what you want, and they were all scientists. The tribe leader was a physicist.

The Meghans were a very musical tribe. They loved playing instruments and singing, even though none of them could carry a tune to save their souls. Occasionally, they would dance as well. They loved writing new songs and improvising with the neighboring Dereks and Jillians.

The Meghans were fairly up-to-date with technology. They had nice cell phones, Nintendo consoles to share, iPods, CDs, and nice computers. They were all fast typers, and liked to program simple things. They didn't watch much TV, except maybe a few hours a week as a rule.

The Meghans were a very interesting tribe. They ate healthy, American food, and occasional treats. They were a very typical tribe for that time. THE END, I TOLD YOU NOT TO READ THIS