I was attacked by demons last night. I can't tell you how

they looked, because in all honesty, I never saw them.

Feel? Oh hell, I felt them alright. They were crawling

all over me. In my hair, in my eyes, in my mind. Nothing

I did would stop them. Their creeping crawling eyes,

nose, ears, mouth, feet. Every bit of them. They were

just so… there. There and not leaving. not leaving for a

second. And then… I was surrounded. Surrounded by a

field of holy light. Who was there? Someone, had to be

someone, but who? Who was saving me from my fate of

being lunch for these flesh hungry demons? Who was

saving me from my death of never returning to life, to

awakeness. Who was it?? All I can tell you, is that it was

Him. (or Her, who am I to say?)