Trying Again

He said, "What you doin' baby?"
I said, "I'm at peace."

My eyes tasted You
my spirit smelled You
You brushed by; coffee with cream

"What you doin' baby?"

Sittin' at the screen
blinking pointlessly
I peruse Your face,
trees dancing
make me feel Your movement

I'm at peace.

the Lord above may build You
sturdy, for me to climb
to the tip top of my sweat and love letters
or perhaps just so that You can stand for yourself

He said, "What you doin' baby?"
"What you doin'?"

I'm thinkin'
I'm wishin'
I'm fillin' pages.

Am I needing?

I'm just at peace. I keep on breathing.

He asks me again,
"What you doin' baby?"

I got the taste, the smell. You're a steaming cup. A wrecking ball.

It makes me think, "I'm at peace."