Can't you see it in my eyes?
The way I look at you
Through all the years
Doesn't it bother you?

Can you even notice the way I act
Whenever you're around?
Can't you tell that I always end up
Gawking at your smile?

Can you see me looking
At you in this cold dark room?
Can't you hear my heart beating
Proclaiming my love to you?

Can't you feel it in my stares
How much I'm into you
Through all these years
I've been growing in love with you


Can't you hear the thoughts in my mind?
Can't you tell by my sleep-talks that it's you I'm dreaming of?
I loved you for so long
And until now I still do
I'm just hoping that one day
I can finally show you
I can finally tell you
I love you
(I love you, I love you)