Hayden Brent thought the summer before her senior year would be her best ever, but her life is falling apart and she's not dealing with the changes around her. Not only is her best friend Presley avoiding dealing with the death of her mother, but she's slowly slipping into a world of sex and drugs, and Hayden is desperate to save her, and bring back the friend that she remembers. On top of that, Hayden's older brother Trent has announced to the family that his girlfriend is pregnant, and that both of them are going to live in his small bedroom. With the world on her shoulders, and a constant feeling of having to save everyone from their problems, Hayden finds that the only peron she can turn to is Gavin, a boy who slipped into her life discretely, just when she needed him most, and may help her understand that she doesn't need to handle everything on her own.