The Past: Legend

Legend states that in the world of Ominia, there used to be a land of peace and harmony. A land where crimes were kept to a minimum, where poverty never existed, and where the citizens treated each other as equals, despite what their races were. This land was called Lyeisia.

And then, like all great worlds, a plague erupted and neared the end of humanity.

An unknown force fell swoop and the world was covered in complete darkness for years.

The plague was called Donkere Valentin, Dark Valentine.

It was beyond everyone's powers to save their precious homes. They did everything; from sacrificing the first born in every family, to even executing other races (besides humans) in belief that it was them that caused their end. And so, a war broke loose. Selfish desires to save themselves made the darkness grow and the force more powerful.

It was the end of Lyeisia.

Hidden at the top of the cities, the six elders could do nothing but helplessly watch their descendants kill each other off. And so, they made a decision. They called for six of their own teenage descendants and passed all their powers onto them, sacrificing their lives to do so. The six descendants now had a mission: leave the city and search for a new land, where they can rebuild and start a new generation.

As the elders gave their lives away to six unsuspecting teens, a figure was hidden somewhere in the room, watching everything. It pained him to see his comrades die in this way but they had no choice. In order to save the future, lives must always be sacrificed. And so, the holder of Light, the one who had gathered the six elders when they were only in their childhood years, the one who had now gathered the elders' six descendants to carry on their powers, merely watched the sacrifice, unable to do a single thing.

This man was called the controller of the Balance; the Summoner and the Gatherer.

He turned around as he heard one of the elders' staff's fall to the ground. The ones who had established the country of Lyeisia had vanished. The powerful being of Light would have to join the elders too, eventually; but right now he had a mission to do: help the young adults escape the crumbling country safe and sound. Looking out from the balcony, he quietly realized just how hard his last job was going to be.

Staring at the retreating figures, the Light holder could not do anything but smile in satisfaction. His last mission was a success. Although bruised and bloody, he couldn't help but feel proud of what he had just done a few moments ago. Having fought the being that created the plague was a challenge and neither of them were victors for both of them were lying on the ground, slowly dying. About to release a final blast to the figure that lay a couple of meters away from the man, he stopped suddenly surprised as two figures emerged from the shadowed buildings.

Twin brothers went to their aid; one went to the unmoving but still breathing figure of Darkness while the other one went straight to him. The twins tried their best to heal them but it was useless. The being of Darkness and the holder of Light were both thinking the same thing as they disappeared. In less than a few moments, their powers were now left within the twin brothers that stood solemnly, as they stared hopelessly at the two men vanishing into glittering powders.

The elder of the twins was named Michaeli. The other one, Valaeish.

Too shock to even utter a single word, Michaeli simply grabbed his brother's hand and smiled reassuringly. No words were needed to be exchanged as they both understood and stood next to each other. Within a few moments, they both left, neither one noticing an unknown gleam that emitted from their respective eyes.

And they did. Three males and three females found an island. An island so secluded that no one had known it existed; they named it Cerunia. They had done what they were told but they were still young. The evil being could see this weakness and exploited them, using their ignorance to his desire. Selfishness and greed once again corrupted them and history almost repeated itself, if it weren't for the powers of the elders that had awakened them. The six fought, won, and died. Peace was regained once again and the new land grew, with the six as their heroes. Unknown to the world that had barely survived were the simple words that carried a complex problem.

As long as there was peace, there would also be conflict.
As long as there was conflict, there would also be darkness.
As long as there was darkness, there would also be light.

The generations of the past say that Light will always prevail. So far, they have. But the future carries an air of mystery. Will it be the same this time?

Or are all these, simply a tale, passed from one generation to another for no reason at all?

Before anything else, I want to clear up that yes, this IS based to an RP I've created but that doesn't mean it has every single thing in it. There will be a lot of parts that will be in this story that are not in the roleplay. It just caught my attention on the progress it has made so I decided to make a story out of it (plus the fact that I promised the others who are participating in that role play as well).

As usual, criticisms and whatnot are greatly appreciated. Feedbacks are love :D