Chapter 1

Years after the land country of Cerunia was established, a disease spread and the newly-found country and its citizens all died. Hundreds of years later, where the countries of Lyeisia and Cerunia have long been forgotten, where the world of Ominia (much like ours) and its creatures continue to evolve, a rich noble stumbled upon the island of Cerunia and established a school there. Some say he's crazy for building such a thing on that island but he would care less.

For the sake of irony, the man, known as Ilae, decided to name the school after the disease that destroyed a once great country.

The trees swayed as a gush of wind blew past. Waters kept crashing on the shore, as the crewmembers of the ship prepared to depart to pick up the students. The day was indeed beautiful, perfect to start off new lives... or even end one.

At the dead center of the whole island was a fountain. A Sea Angel, which impersonated a mermaid with its half-fish half-human form, stood proudly, as if marking her very own territory. Perched on a gigantic rock, the equally huge statue faced the harbor, as if looking in wistfulness towards the ocean. Gripping a long stick in her left had, the long tresses of the angel went past her back, tumbled beyond its wide-spread wings, and reached the rock. One could not help but marvel the uniqueness and the obvious, tremendous effort just to put the whole thing together. It was like a beautiful imagination came to life, but was soon captured into one, perfect image. Behind the soaring angel was a building, high enough to see most of the grounds, but not high enough to reach the heavens. It was the main building, where assemblies, meetings, and other important events are held.

It was also the place where the founder, the Great Sir Ilae, resided. He was known as a man with great accomplishments, a perfect gentleman, intelligent, brave, and also very good-looking for his age. At first, the thought of him building a school here, of all places, was a preposterous idea. The elders of other countries knew perfectly well of the legend, but still can't quite provide proof if it was really true or not. But even then, building a school at such a place was far too risky… especially since it involved risking the lives of the future generation. It was actually a good thing that practically no one knew about that said legend, being that it was "far too dangerous to be revealed to the public."

He almost died in laughter at the sight of his colleagues faces when he revealed his plan.

"You're crazy! As if that will actually come true!"

"You do know how many bloodthirsty creatures live in that island, right?"

"Don't throw your life away, you asshole! Aren't you satisfied with the way your life is already?!"

He barely had time to avoid an incoming punch after that last comment. It was true; he had everything he needed. Power, money, fame, anything that a man could simply want and yet, he was still not satisfied. There was that unsettling feeling that something was missing. That if he didn't find and accomplish that something, his life will never be complete and he would not die happy.

And that is why he did everything he could, gathered as much information as possible, about that said "legend". He had made up his mind to do everything he can, just to prove whether that legend is really a part of ancient history, or simply a plain myth.

His train of thoughts, however, was interrupted by a knock on the door. Knowing full well who it is, Ilae simply let out a grumbled as he made himself comfortable on the only leather chair while facing the door. Within moments, a woman, barely reaching thirty, came in with a clipboard at hand and plate of biscuits at the other. Ilae simply watched in amusement as his secretary made her way towards the small table beside his desk and carefully placed the plate, all the while impressed on how she managed to do so.

With fairly a long hair that is currently placed in a bun, blue eyes that often gleamed in determination, it was safe to say that Maria was indeed, beautiful. Sometimes, Ilae wondered why on earth she would be working at such a place, where one could clearly see that her skills can be used elsewhere. But he never did question anything; so long that she'll do everything with great quality then he'll have no problem keeping her.

"Preparations are ready, Sir," she said with a tone which carried great respect and admiration. It was no surprise when one thinks about it, on why the staff's female population is far greater than the males'.

But for Ilae, as long as they do what the needed to do then he doesn't care even if all his staff members are females. Plus, there was a belief that female minds might be greater than males so he, too, wanted to solve that (and possibly prove them wrong).

Gesturing for his secretary to continue, Ilae straightened up from his seat to fixing his suit.

"With the pace that the ship is going, the estimated arrival of the students will be within the next hundred minutes, and the assembly will be held another thirty minutes after that." Stealing a glance at the man in front of her, the brunette paused for a moment, as if asking permission to ask a question.

"I have already asked the teacher of the special ones to discipline them very good. Is that all you wish to do, Sir?"

Walking over to the small table where a cup of hot tea and the plate Maria brought in lay, Ilae picked it up and took a careful sip, deep in thought. All the events are going well as planned and yet, he could feel that he was forgetting something. Something important.

And then he remembered it.

"Maria," The brunette stiffened as her name rolled off his tongue. The way he said her name was remarkable; sounding every syllable perfectly and using a tone that could only be fit to a noble. After glancing at Maria for a quick second, Ilae walked to the window.

"Make all of their classes the same. They need to get acquainted with each other as soon as possible." And with that final order, Maria bowed swiftly and walked out, wishing to start the arrangements like she was ordered to.

Back in the room, the great noble stared out. Now all he has to do was wait for the ship to arrive, gather all the students in the front hall, and let them do what they please for the rest of the day. After all, they've got two days in preparation before their classes start and he knew; they need to prepare if they want to survive. Especially them.

He has a very good feeling that this year, the first year of his latest and most important project, will be unforgettable.

'Why am I… here again?'

Staring at the countless ripples the water made, she focused her eyes to the surface of the sea, only to look back at a young woman who seems to be deep in thought. Blonde hair and gold eyes was the most suitable way to describe the teen. But underneath that face lie an impatient blonde that hated ships. As far as Chikira Rey was concerned, she would still live happily even if she never has to meet another ship for the rest of her life.

'Why… the heck am I here again? Blasted ship.'

Having nothing else better to do, Rey slumped over the rail, eyes never leaving the movement of the water. It wasn't like it was her idea, being that the only way to get to her new home was either by ship or by flight. Of course she would choose the second option without a moment's blink if she had the choice.

As she continued to stare, Rey couldn't help but recall the past events that occurred before boarding the ship.


"It's for your own good. Please understand."


"We'd miss you but we know it's for the best. Take care!"


"…make us proud, Rey."

And that was enough to silence her and make her obey their command. No other actions needed; just that simply phrase can make Rey do anything her parents wished, even if she wanted to or not.

Having no clue on the exact reason why she was sent off to a boarding school, Rey continued to stare, as if to glare at her own expression. Somehow, she can't help but get the feeling that her parents, her very own parents, are keeping something very important from her. But what though? And why? People that are acquainted to her family knew how secretive they can be. And because of that, their only daughter grew up as a curious person, always thinking about the questions left unanswered.

The moment a feeling of fur scraping against her legs was the moment Rey looked down and spotted a white cat. As soon as its huge, innocent emerald eyes caught her own, the blonde couldn't help but smile softly. Now kneeling in front of the cat, she hesitantly reached out to stroke its fur, all the while marveling the innocent feeling the creature gave her.

Before she could utter a single word, a gust of wind passed by and before Rey knew it, the cat had disappeared.

"I'm sorry if she disturbed you in any way! Gah, I knew I should've kept you on a leash, you lousy cat!"

The obvious display of annoyance made Rey's eyes look up, and land into someone else's. It wasn't the fact that the stranger was holding the thing she found so cute in such an uncomfortable position, nor was it the fact that there was some strange kind of tattoo running down the right side of his neck. It was his eyes, which held such great intensity at that short moment, were the ones that Rey found very interesting.

His eyes were red.

"Ne, nii-chan. 'Ya think we'll ever get back?"

A boy, identical to the girl he was carrying in many ways, merely smiled in response in response, rather than to show his discomfort.

"Papa and Mama sure will be worried right about now…"

"Yeah, I could clearly picture what they're going to do the minute we walk in that door."


"First they'll smother us with hugs and kisses then Mama will probably go back to the kitchen, retrieve a knife, and then chase me around the house for putting the both of us in this kind of position."

"But… Mama loves nii-chan too much for that. Why'd you say something like that?"

The boy sweatdropped. "Rey, haven't you noticed how… comical Mama can be?"

He sighed in relief as the sound of his twin's laughter destroyed the gloomy silence they were currently in. They had been lost, traveling in circles around the forest after he practically forced her to come with him to watch a festival. But, seeing as how dark it currently is, he knew that the festival was over ages ago.

The only thing he could blame was his lacking sense of direction. He's still too stubborn to admit that fact that it was probably his fault that this happened.

"…hey Ryou?"


"Since this is practically all your fault… mind treating me for some ice cream once we get home?"

"…you'll get fat."

She merely pinched his left cheek in response.

The next thing Rey knew, everything was red.

"—iss? Miss, are you alright? Hey! Wake up, dammit!!!"

Noticing the blonde open her mouth to say something, the lad leaned over, only to gasp in surprise as the weight of the girl came crashing down onto him. After a few moments to think over what just happened in the last ten seconds, the young man gave a frustrated sigh while running a hand through his brown hair.

'You haven't arrived at the island and yet, a girl has already thrown themselves at you. Better keep your charms under control… Ark you bastard, what the heck have you gotten yourself into?!'

The man known as Ark grunted once again, feeling the mocking stare the "walking ball of white" was giving him. It's a wonder how he haven't skinned the cute little thing alive, after all these years.

"Waah, I haven't even arrived yet and I'm homesick already! Sad…"

As the overwhelming feel of homesickness came rushing in and out of her body, much like the nauseating feeling she has been having since getting on the ship, Saki Yuki merely stared down at the bench she sat on. She had been prone to sea sickness ever since she could remember; often finding water as another form of disaster. The fact that water is the essential survival material for humans was ignored by Saki for a moment, being too preoccupied to think of more hateful things against the certain element.

Letting out a sigh, she brought her knees up to her and hugged them. "No worries...soon you'll get off the boat," she whispered softly to herself.

"Stupid moving boat," she mumbled as she rested her forehead against her knees. "I wanna go back home."

"We know that that is the best place for you Saki, don't let us down!"

The memory of the moment caused the blue eyed girl to groan. "I'm not even on shore yet and I can tell that this isn't the best place for me!!!"

"Mind keeping it down a bit? Someone's actually trying to sleep in this unpleasant piece of poo."

With incredible swiftness, Saki immediately jumped up in surprise, all the while holding a hand on her pounding chest. She took a moment to try and calm herself down before finding the courage to turn around and look for the voice that almost killed the soul out of her.

In less than a minute, her blue eyes landed on a slumped figure against the bench she was previously sitting on. Taking very little notice of his unruly brown hair and how the guy who seemed to be the same age as her is looking even more disgusted at each passing second, Saki prepared herself to stomp over to the brunette and give him a handful of lectures.

But before she could do that, a sudden wave crashed against the vessel they were currently in, making the ship abruptly tilt for second before going back to its previous direction.

As a crewmember nearby thought that everything was alright and no damage was done, his eye landed on two figures at the side, slumped over the railing. Thinking that they were about to fall off, he immediately made a turn to rush over to the two teens, only to stop after a moment's thought.

The two figures, a brunette and a dark blue haired female, was currently vomiting their hearts out.

Sickened, the male merely shook his head before walking away, deciding to continue his walk around the ship. It wasn't the first time; after all, that someone couldn't keep their urges any longer and had to take them out. It was human nature, as he liked to call it.

Not soon after, Saki finally spoke.

"Ships… should die,"

"They will burn in hell," he said in response. Before any more words were exchanged, the upsetting feeling returned once again, making the two humans resume their vomiting process.

Yes, human nature is beautiful that way.

"Stupid… idiotic… dim-witted fool…"

As a tall blonde continued her trudge towards her unknown destination, an unexpected image of her younger brother suddenly appeared, vomiting like there's no tomorrow. With a scrunched up nose, Takashi Mira stopped for a moment to sneak a glance in an open room. It's highly possible that her brother would do such a thing, considering the fact that he despises water more than anything else in the world.

Well, anything living that is.

"Watch out, blondie!"

Unconsciously side-stepping to give way to whomever, Mira didn't even bother to glance back as a girl brushed past her, blue hair swishing back and fort as the girl walked away in perfect posture. Ignorance was the key to a great success, being that Mira never bother with these kinds of people.

As she was about to walk away, the blonde raised an eyebrow as another comment left the other girl's mouth.

"Smart ass."

"Obnoxious brat."

Mira was too preoccupied on walking away and ignoring the being that walked past her earlier, to notice an all-too familiar blonde being carried into a room.

Humans. So beautifully complicated.

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