Keela was an ordinary girl. Or rather, she tried to convince others and herself, at times, she was. She was completely ordinary, minus the silver hair and eyes. She could deal with the hair, by ignoring the rude comments, and keeping her bangs long to hide her eyes.

You see, Keela was a werewolf. She had elected to return to a semi-normal life after she had been bitten, shunning the wild existence as preferred by some of her kind. The wolf that had bitten her was dead, killed by her father. Her father was now dead of his wounds resulting from the encounter. It was just her and her mother in the small house in Seattle, complete with the cellar that Keela suffered her transformations in. The cellar was solid stone and no sound could be heard outside of it.

She was treated at her high school as a bookworm. She did always have her nose in a book, trying to escape from her life into another world. She wore flare jeans and t-shirts, proclaiming things like 'Cirque du Soleil' and 'Cats.' She smiled wryly as she recalled the play. Her wolf characteristics had showed through, and it had been all she could do not to chase the dancing figures on the stage.

Keela was amused at the books that claimed a werewolf was normal outside the full moon. She certainly wasn't. Wolf-like characteristics showed through at the most awkward moments. Like the time she had made a fool of herself in front of her crush, Jack Mitchell. She definitely didn't have a crush on him anymore, due to the fact that she had started panting and weaving around him, freaking him out. That's what werewolves do when they enjoy someone's presence. They show their affection, had been her defense. She hadn't said this, of course, but nasty rumors spread.

Right now Keela was on her way to school. She wasn't afraid, for the wolf could be summoned at will when she was in danger. She had only summoned her companion twice in her life. She hoisted her backpack higher on her shoulders, trying to relieve some of the weight. It didn't help.

It's not the weight so much, Keela thought, just the fact that the full moon was two days ago, and the backpack rests right on that bruise. The books have that right, at least. It hurts to shift, and then I have nothing to bite… I bite myself and cause pain to myself.

Keela continued to walk, still trying to find a place for the backpack that didn't hurt. It was to no avail as she saw the school, buses coming and going, students greeting each other or shunning each other, depending on their status on the social ladder. Keela was among the shunned as she approached. She snorted softly and walked on. What did they know anyway? How many of them had been to the Black Sapphire, a nightclub for supernaturals?

She greeted her friend Gennifer by her locker.

"Hey, Ghin," Keela said as she fumbled with the lock. She always forgot the combination.

"Hey, Kee. Forget the combo again?"

"Oh, shut up." Keela glanced around. There was no one coming, and Gennifer was looking out the window. Keela narrowed her eyes and performed the opener spell with the magic inherent in her breed. Gennifer hadn't noticed, and Keela banged the door open.

"Got it finally? C'mon, we're going to be late for Friston." The girls walked quickly down the hall at the name of the math teacher. His classes were immensely boring, but he was incredibly hard on late people.

They made it in time, and took the choice seats at the back. The professor walked in five minutes after they had sat down. He started droning on about something or other after he had called roll. Keela and Gennifer rolled their eyes at each other, and Keela proceeded to take a nap. She always took about a week after transformation to regain her strength entirely, and wasn't about to waste a full period of rest.

Gennifer woke her as the bell rang, signaling the end of class. "Did you not sleep at all last night?"

Keela yawned. "Well, I'm an insomniac, so… Actually, it was the night before. I didn't sleep at all. I didn't last night. Or two nights before that. I haven't slept for three days!" She ended with a tired laugh.

"Do you need, like, sleep meds or something?"

"No, no, they don't help…" Keela yawned as they trod to their next classes. After second, Keela had a free period, while Gennifer was in physics. Keela did her math homework and took another nap. The bell summoned her from her dreamworld, and she cursed at it fluently. The vampires, demons, halfbreeds and werewolves from Black Sapphire had taught her many.

She walked exhaustedly to lunch and flopped down at the table. "I cannot wait for this day to end!"

Gennifer smiled sympathetically.

Finally, the day ended. Keela bade Gennifer goodbye and trudged home. As she walked, she thought that she might visit the Sapphire tonight. She decided to take a nap when she got home, and try to convince her mother that she needed time among her equals. Mom'll understand, Keela thought.

And so her mother did, only telling her to 'be careful.' Her mother worked shifts at the local hospital as a nurse, thus knowing how to care for her daughter after the full moons. Today she had the night shift, up until eight. Keela wouldn't see her mother at all tonight, because she left for school at seven thirty in the morning.

Keela dropped her backpack onto the floor of her bedroom and flopped on the bed. Mattress on the floor, really. Her mother had offered to get her a bed frame, but Keela had declined, saying she preferred to sleep near the ground. Keela slept and woke at nine.

Keela walked over to her closet, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She searched through the array of clothes, finally coming up with what she was looking for. A shiny dark silver tank top and dark navy jeans. The tank top was clingy and accented her form. She smiled as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. Bit of mascara, slight hint of eye shadow and she was ready to go. She wouldn't be caught at school in this. But she wasn't going to school.

Keela left a note for her mother, though she didn't expect her mother to come home. She headed out the door and into her small car. She started the engine and drove away. Once she was on the highway, Keela turned on the radio. She smiled at the song, Stray Cats Strut by the Stray Cats. It reminded her of one of the demons she knew, a cat demon. And herself, sometimes. This was one of those times, and she turned the volume up high. She also rolled down the windows on the almost empty highway. It was Tuesday night, and hardly anyone was out which was rare.

"I don't bother chasing mice around—OH NO!—I slink down the alley, looking for a fight, howlin' to the moon upon a hot summers night!" Keela sang along, opening the sunroof of the car. "ARUOOOO!!!!! This werewolf's hittin' the town! ARUUUOOOOO!!!! AH HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

She really was a different person outside of school.