The fire dies in mine eyes

The glow of life fades from my cheeks

Tears dare not spill through my cries

I've known this for weeks.


Sorrow fills my heart

It bleeds in more ways than one

A new sensation of art

Now my painting is done


Misery is my gift

Despair is my neighbor

Time will all shift

Death in this clamor


My eyes are blind

To this green river of thyne

This mass is concentrated heavily

As though it might break free


My eyes close shut

I can no longer see

The door is cut

And someone tugs on me


The river of green spills out

Someone carries me

My mind wants me to shout

Who could this person be?


Slowly, my captor grinds to a halt

I hear a voice speaking to me

They said they were at a fault

That this has come to be


My eyes open now

But I cannot speak

I see my face in a window above

And I feel as though I should shriek


My eyes are the shade of green

The very neon of poison.

From this face I cannot glean

Any figment of my former person