Hilltop Vigil

His eyes flare like diamonds,

Aglow with phosphoric light.

A shadow among the trees,

Shimmering fur swallows the night.

The pallor of the moon,

The gleam of his wolfish grin.

My silent suitor pauses on the hill,

His silhouette before me seems to dim.

He waits for my arrival,

Watches with impassive eyes.

Dignity finally deserted,

He helps me to the ties.

There we sit and listen

As the stars sang.

The night birds rouse the forest,

As the church bells rang.

There we waited through the night,

My head upon fur of frosted rime.

His eyes forever fastened the stars,

Our souls still with time.

Then dawn spread along the coast,

A line of gray so thin.

But the warm presence beside me

Has left me once again.

Hmmm…A little stiff, I think, but I love the imagery. This is a much older poem though, so don't flame me too much for the rather broken meter. I never have the heart to edit my poetry; it makes me sad…stories are different, but that's just how it is…Anywho, cuddle up your wolfies tonight and enjoy a happy moment from me!