Engraved in rock, lasting impression
Ignorance forever preserved
Idols of the masses who follow blindly,
Infamy carved into hard stone…

At the cherry wooden table of "democracy"
They sit, in blackened robes of trust
Signing documents, amendments and bills
Congress at the very top of hierarchy
They sit, peacefully and smiling
Send their sons to a bloody front that kills
On and on, words used in vain borne
Ring-wing, left-wing, it doesn't matter!
They sit, still as stone, dreaming of Texan scorn.

Discontent awakens, revelation shines
Down upon humanitarian hearts
With one voice, they cry out loud:
(Get them out!)
But the statues sit, ever still…
Protests, banners, petitions and song
Do not daunt the statues at the top
For sculpted rock does not feel, Mr. Moore—
Not does it listen to spoken words!

America is full of sculptors and carvers
Elects a committee to lead them all
But when America cries "Reform!"
The statues remain silent, lifeless.