Watch this tragic tale unfold
By young lovers far too bold.
At three they'll receive the kiss of death
And no longer gasp for breath.

"Come my dear, won't you be my bride?"
"Come take my hand in suicide."

"Are you sure this is the only way?"
"Must we take our lives this very day?"

"Yes my dear, it's quite tragic you see,"
"Die together or alone suffer misery."

"I suppose it shall have to do,"
"I cannot bear living without you."

"That's the spirit, chin up dear."
"Trust me, trust me have no fear."

"How shall the deed be done, my love?"
"To send us soaring up above?"
"A knife, a gun, a cliff so high,"
"That if off it we fall we'd surely die?"

"Patience, have patience, calm down dear."
"Of our plans no one must hear."
"I'll bring the gun at five past two,"
"I can't wait to spend eternity with you."

"And I with you," As she watches him leave.
Burdens on her chest as sobs start to heave.
Dreading the time of five past two,
Thinking of what they could possibly do.

Sighing as the tears run down her face,
Her true love or life, her heart starts to race.
She thinks that it's the only way
To be with him forever and a day.

His minds in turmoil as he gets the gun.
Eager to see her, he breaks into a run.
At last with her he can spend eternity,
In death alone they gain serenity.

A rock at her window sets her mind to flight.
She knows it's her lover on that fated night.
Climbing down the ivy and into his arms,
She feels there's no need for alarm.

Ready to commit to whatever it takes,
Not caring how much sorrow it creates.
They'll take their lives by the sea
And lay under it for all eternity.

"My dear love, are you ready? It's time."
"Are you truly ready to die?"
"Here's the pistol, hold on tight."
"Put it in your mouth, point up, and blow out the lights."

Her hands are shaking as she holds the gun,
Wishing the deed was already done.
She puts in the barrel in her mouth and closes her eyes,
As she prepares to quickly die.

Her fingers tremble as she points the barrel up,
Hoping that the trigger doesn't get stuck.
All in a second with a click and boom
The little girl finally says, "I do."

Looking at the mess his lover has made,
Scattering the ground with blood and brains.
He picks up the gun and wipes it off,
Now it's his turn to blow is head up.

With the barrel in his mouth and eyes on the sea,
He's ready to go into eternity.
With one last look on his lover dead,
He makes the move to blow off his head.

But his finger stops before the click
And the smell of blood was making him sick.
He then drops down to his knees.
He asks her to forgive him please.

What happened next?
Tell you I shan't.
Only that he whispered,
"I can't."