A little girl stepped outside

To enjoy the nighttime view

She raised her hands up to the sky

Trying to catch a firefly

Or maybe a shooting star or two.

She giggled as the breeze

Blew kisses to her cheek

The night stars were winking

And the moon was sinking

As it announced the end of another week.

The little girl slipped off her shoes

And it was barefoot that she ran

The grass reached up and tickled her toes

As the moonlight raced her and crickets composed.

It was then the midnight dance began.

The grass sprung up, being caught by the wind.

The trees drew out their roots and swayed.

In glee the flowers joined along,

The crickets sang a merry song.

And the stars winged by in a peaceful cascade.

The little girl laughed and chased them all,

Gazing up at the stars in their descent.

The trees swept her up and swung her round.

Never before had she heard a merrier sound.

Nor felt so happy or content.

Alas, all things must come to an end.

The stars began to head back home.

The crickets stayed their bows.

The flowers started to close.

And the little girl felt so alone.

Her eyes were drooping and sleep was welcoming.

A tree picked her up as though she was a newborn.

It opened her window and placed her on her bed.

Then placed a soft pillow gently beneath her head.

And the little girl dreamed of pure white unicorns.