Spanish Rice

By Knightmare Elite

Yey, another interracial romance fic! Anyway for this particular story one of the characters speaks with heavy 'urban' slang at times. So please don't go off saying I have a hundred misspelled words; it's purposely done to convey her speech as best I can. Also there are times where her speech will go out of character, normally in her more composed moments. It was also intentional but those transitions could be a little better I'll admit that. I'm sure people will notice the difference in her speaking patterns at a few points, anyway just wanted to say that ahead of time. This story is long as hell!

"On the real, I'm not feeling any dresses. You know I ain't going out like no punk to meet your mom," Jessi argued.

Maggie shook her head at Jessi's stubbornness. She couldn't hide her smile throughout. As Jessi sat sulking on the bed, she briefly looked up at Maggie blushing profusely.

"Come on Jessi it's only one time. I promise I'll never ask you to wear a dress again. My mom is really old fashioned, and she'd be more comfortable if my girlfriend dressed like a girl.

Pretty please baby? Tell you what if you do this one thing for me, I'll bring those micro shorts you bought me," Maggie offered, sitting on the bed beside Jessi.

Jessi smiled, giggling at imagining Maggie in the shorts. "All that baby phat pushing together, so soft and smooth to the touch. You know what seeing you in those shorts does to me mami."

"Of course I do, they ride up so much I can't even wear underwear with them. But they never get to stay on very long, you naughty girl. So does that mean my Jessi will be a femme for a day?" Maggie asked, kissing Jessi's ear.

Jessi sighed, weighing the decision. Sitting on the bed with Maggie was comforting enough. She liked wearing baggy jeans and long shirts, but having an overly feminine girlfriend was rather ironic.

"Alright, but I'm only doing it until we leave her house. I can't be dressing all girly like you, it just ain't me. But you're my heart and if it makes you happy then I'll do it," Jessi admitted.

"Aw, you're so sweet baby. But it's more than just a dress you know. You can't wear those clunky boots either. And I'm sorry but the braids have to go," Maggie somberly explained.

"Nah, not my Tims! These are all I wear, and my braids. See this is what I'm talking about; I can't flip the script just to make her happy. I can't do you like that Maggie. It took you two hours to do my braids like this," Jessi argued.

Maggie cradled Jessi's head against her shoulder, softly stroking away the agitation. She held Jessi until her body eased against hers; Maggie released Jessi and stood before her.

"Jessi you trust me don't you?" Maggie softly asked.

"Of course I trust you, you're my girl," Jessi nodded.

Maggie knelt between Jessi's legs, holding her small hands in understanding. "All I'm asking is you let my mother see you as beautiful as I do. You have to understand not everyone has the same conception of beauty.

I'm not asking you to betray who you are. I just want my mom to see her standard of beauty in Jesyllia Valdez, the girl that I love.

Jessi's lips trembled as she blinked out a stubborn tear. She hated crying as it showed softness in her character. Against the warmth and love of Maggie, it became a common outlet in her strive for an identity.

"Why you always gotta say things like that?" Jessi cried, holding Maggie's hand against her cheek, in love with the softness of the touch.

"Because I'm your mami," Maggie teased in a kiss to Jessi's pouting lips.

"I don't know if I can do this…what if she don't like me? You said you never dated a Hispanic girl before. What if she don't like me for that, she'll think I'm not good enough for you," Jessi cried.

"Sweetheart stop worrying, my mom's not a racist or anything. She accepts that I'm gay, and she already knows what you look like.

When she saw the picture she thought I was dating a boy! Then she noticed you had on eyeliner, and figured you were a queer boy.

She said your face was way too pretty to be a boy. I had to explain you were my sexy Latina. I emailed her a picture of us at the fair last month," Maggie clarified.

"She knows I don't like dresses and all that female shit? Then why I gotta wear one for her?" Jessi asked.

"Jessi, my mom has no problem with me dating you. She knows we've been together for over a year now. She is doing her best in supporting me in my choices. To be honest, there's a little more to it behind the dress.

I sort of told my mom how serious we are, and that's a major part of why she wants to meet you. We're more than college sweethearts Jessi, even if you don't act feminine, you're better at most things than I am.

You're a natural chef; you keep the apartment spotless and even do all the laundry. You do all these things, while having a job and getting straight A's. I told her it feels like we're married…then she started crying on the phone," Maggie admitted, deeply blushing during the last half.

Jessi beamed at the carpet in embarrassment. Her gaze was blocked by two small feet. Jessi's eyes followed the feet up towards creamy olive legs, peaking to a silk white thong within the soft depths of Marie's thighs.

"Damn," Jessi whispered, eyes rose to the transparent sky blue baby doll clinging to Maggie's curves.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were undressing me with those pretty little eyes of yours," Maggie inquired; raising a leg and resting it on Jessi's shoulder.

"You can read me like a book. There's something about curvy girls, ya'll just make dames like me crazy. That and you got those sexy ass thighs," Jessi admitted, rubbing her cheek against Maggie's leg.

She was always drawn to feminine girls despite her personal style. It was a long struggle to accept who she was. Even so Jessi never mingled with the less feminine girls. She liked the feel of lipstick encased kisses, and the feel of skirt hems against her fingertips.

Jessi's mother always told her to find a nice Puerto Rican girl. It seemed a comfortable goal, but her heart and loins fell for a white girl. Maggie, a beautiful femme fell deeply in love with an overly modest butch. Jessi knew Maggie meant well and she would do anything for her.

"How about I cook something for your mom? If I have to wear a dress, I might as well play the part," Jessi suggested.

"You know I've always had a fantasy of dressing you up. I mean fully with lipstick and panties, and a purse," Maggie lowly admitted.

"Lipstick, panties and a purse, oh no baby I can't be doing all that now--"

"It would really turn me on, and we are staying the night….in my old bedroom," Maggie seductively hinted, stretching her leg against Jessi's ear.

"Dammit I hate when you do that! Okay I'll do whatever you want, just wear the shorts. I'll make some Spanish Rice with sautéed vegetables, she likes that kinda stuff right?" Jessi asked.

"Baby since you moved in, I've become addicted to Spanish cooking. I'll eat anything you make, and I know my mom will love it too. But I have a surprise for you!" Maggie giggled.

"Oh god, tell me you didn't," Jessi groaned.

Maggie ran to the closet, reaching deep in the back taking out a small dress.

"Surprise, since I already knew your measurements, I went ahead and bought a dress. I have the shoes, bra and panties to go with it. Please try it on…please," Maggie nearly moaned as she handed the dress to Jessi.

"Damn I ain't know seeing me in a dress turned you on like that. Let me find out my girl's a freak," Jessi said in surprise while holding the dress.

She held the dress glowering in its presence. Taking a few airy seconds to gaze at her persistent girlfriend, Jessi undid her belt letting the jeans fall to the floor. She then removed her hoodie, then unlaced her boots and stepped out of the jeans.

In only her small pink boxers, white tank top and socks, Jessi's cheeks burned. She rolled her eyes at Maggie's grin. The dress was pretty by Jessi's standards, but it just wasn't her. She reluctantly put it on, turning to let Maggie zip her up.

"Aw, you look so cute. Come on have a look," Maggie praised, ushering Jessi toward the mirror.

Jessi stood completely flustered before the morbid reflection. Her face was drawn in pain and discomfort; arms crossed in agitation and legs parted in their nakedness.

As Jessi watched her sullen appearance, Maggie's arms slipped beneath hers. Being held did little to remedy Jessi's discomfort. With sincere kisses against her earlobe, warm breaths on the back of her neck, hands creeping down her stomach, Jessi cracked a smile.

"You don't have to keep it on if you don't want to. I hate seeing you looking so depressed. Baby, remember you only have to keep the dress on through dinner.

Once the meet and greet is over, you can toss it. I'm only asking for five hours Jessi. Then we'll do whatever you want, and I do mean whatever," Maggie whispered, pressing against Jessi's lithe body.

"They got any hot clubs where she lives?" Jessi asked after the long silence.

"Depends, what kind, gay or straight?" Maggie asked.

Jessi brought Maggie's hands to her breasts, "Which ever one's poppin."

"Sounds like a plan then. Are you angry about taking out your braids?" Maggie softly asked, palming Jessi's small breasts.

"I just feel bad because of all the work you put into them. I'm telling you girl you should do hair. All my cousins wanna holla at you about doing their hair. I kept tell them don't sleep on white girls, but now they seeing my truth," Jessi proudly admitted.

"I love how you talk," Maggie ran her fingers over the intricately twisted braids; once again lauding her girlfriend's dialect.

"NYC, born and raised holla," Jessi proudly exclaimed with a nod.

"I know you love the braids, it's no problem at all doing them again. I like doing your hair; it's like our special girl time. Not to mention you have such beautiful hair.

God I love your hair, I wish I had that Spanish hair. It's so naturally thick and shiny. It's funny though with you being so anti girl, but your hair is way longer than mine. It goes past your waist when it's unbraided," Maggie laughed.

"Hey I like my hair alright. I might dress like a boy, but I ain't buzzing my shit. Anyway I'm taking this off, feels weird," Jessi groaned as Maggie unzipped the dress.

"I can imagine when my mom hears you. She'll think you're some ignorant hoodlum, she'd never believe you're in all honors courses, and even tutor me in math. I fucking hate calculus it makes my head hurt, and you just whiz through it. I wish I was that smart," Maggie sighed.

"I like knowledge, makes me feel like I'm gonna make something of myself. My mom was always proud of me for that. I can't let her down and it won't happen. So when you feel like taking my braids out?" Jessi asked, letting the dress fall to the floor.

Maggie took a step back appreciating her butter pecan lover. "We can worry about that later, Jesyllia." She held Jessi's hand leading her away from the mirror.

"Oh mami wants to get her freak on," Jessi purred crawling onto the bed.

Maggie licked her lips tugging at Jessi's boxers. "You are so beautiful baby."

Jessi brought her legs together letting Maggie slide the boxers off. She shyly looked away as Maggie took off her socks and tank top.

Maggie absolutely adored Jessi's naked form. She cracked a devious smile in tightness of Jessi's body, absolutely perfect. It felt wrong to keep it hidden beneath so many layers; Maggie grinned knowing it was hers exclusively.

Lying free of intrusion, Jessi pressed her foot across Maggie's face, squirming at the slippery licks against her toes.

"You look cute in a dress, but you're stunning just the way you are, my sweet sexy Jesyllia," Maggie whispered.

She caressed Jessi's foot, licking and kissing in her deviant indulgence. It wriggled in the firm moisture of Maggie's submissive tongue. Her tongue darted between the curving toes, nibbling against each warming breath of desire.

"Aye mami," Jessi moaned, shivering in her collecting moisture.

They surrendered to the bubbling wonton desires. Bodies intertwined beyond conventional limits of physical emotion. Breaths caressed tensing flesh amidst naturally secreted moistures, pushing upon the delicate button of pleasure.

Forty minutes later

Jessi sat Indian style on the carpet amidst a half tangled mass of hair. Her head tilted as another braid came untangled. Jessi's eyes emotionlessly watched the television; normally rap videos ideally aroused her, especially in the half naked woman shaking to the recycled beats.

The view was hindered as another lock unfurled; dangling between her eyes like a black widow looming toward her prey.

"Baby, are you mad with me? You haven't said a word since we made love." Maggie set down the brush and sat before Jessi. "Please baby…okay if it really upsets you that much, you don't have to wear the dress. I guess it was selfish of me to--"

Jessi sat up wrapping her arms against Maggie, breasts mashing together as they touched lips in sincerest tranquility. Against the weight of Maggie, Jessi descended onto the carpet. Her arms fell lifelessly, letting Maggie tenderly brush the loose hairs from her face.

That smile, so endearing in her most sensitive of situations. It blanked Jessi in the comfort of femininity, without resorting to even its most basic necessities. She knew this favor was important to Maggie, and it would be returned ten fold in a heartbeat.

A simple article of clothing brought Jessi such anxiety. Her face grew sullen at its mere mention. It so callously defeated her very purpose as an individual. Jessi felt a deep betrayal within her heart, but as she looked past the puffy breasts to Maggie's eyes tearing in distraught, it was Jessi who felt selfish.

"I love you so much," Jessi whispered, feeling the bitter softness caress her character once more.

"What was that for?" Maggie asked, wiping her crystalline tears. A droplet landed upon the golden nameplate of her chain, 'Maggie & Jesyllia'.

Jessi sat up as Maggie moved back, continually drying her eyes. "I'm sorry. I know this means a lot to you, and I'm just trippin over some dumb shit. I don't like dresses and nothing's gonna change that.

But you're more important than any piece of fabric. I can't put my pride before my girl. I seen too many cats pull that shit and end up ass out. You've put up with a lot of shit from me, and I took a lot of yours.

We work like that, and I love my mami. I mean, I can't say I'm feeling that dress too much. As long as your mom's cool people, it can't be that bad. Besides you promised to bring those shorts, showing off them thick thighs." Jessi reminded, blowing a kiss toward Maggie's lower half.

Maggie securely hugged Jessi, crying into her shoulder. She tightly shut her eyes sobbing heavily in relief.

"Jessi, I don't want you to ever think I'm trying to change you. I know who you are, that's who I fell in love with. Your braids are beautiful, your baggy clothes are beautiful, and most of all your heart is beautiful, it's what I truly love about you.

I'm proud to hold your hand when we're in public, you know that. I love kissing you during our dates, and going down on you at the movies. Jessi you have nothing to apologize for. It's me who should apologize.

You know what? If my mother can't see you as I do, then fuck it. She'll have to accept my Jesyllia just the way she is, a beautiful strong willed Latina who owns my heart. I'm sorry baby, I had forgotten what was really important to me," Maggie admitted, drying her reemerging tears.

"I guess you could call this a double epiphany," Jessi softly suggested.

"Wow, it sounds weird when you speak so proper," Maggie said in astonishment.

"How I talk doesn't define me, it's just a habit from the environment I grew up in. It just comes out whenever I open my mouth, for better or for worse. But I'll wear the dress…I want to.

I'm not doing it for you; I'm doing it to prove to myself it's just a piece of material. And ain't no dress gonna hold this bitch back. Now let's finish my hair, this afro puff is looking too crazy for me," Jessi laughed.

Maggie kissed her on the cheek and both resumed their previous positions.

"You know this reminds me of when I was a kid. I used to sit watching cartoons, and my mom would do my hair," Jessi reminisced.

"Yeah but I seriously doubt you were naked when she did it," Maggie grinned.

"Please, she would've whooped my ass if I walked around the house naked. But it's not like I need clothes with you anyway. Besides after that workout you gave me, I didn't feel like getting dressed just to get my braids out," Jessi reminded.

"That's a good point and it was amazing as always. I'm still feeling a little numb…naughty girl," Maggie agreed with emphasis on the common aftereffect.

Jessi resumed watching the videos as her coveted braids unraveled. It wasn't a big loss, especially since Maggie loved doing Jessi's hair. She smiled finally content with the dress situation. Jessi reached back lightly rubbing Maggie's calf, she only needed that touch.


"Yeah Jessi."

"Would you love me more if I was….you know more girly?"

"Baby stop that! You know I have no problem at all with how you dress or act. I love you no matter how you carry yourself, how could you even ask that?"

"Sometimes I just wonder that, because you're so feminine and I'm not. I wonder if you'd be happy with a feminine girl, but I guess I just need to hear you say it sometimes."

"Jesyllia my dear non-feminine love of my life, you turn me on more than any pink frilly girl ever could! And for the record it's cute that you have pink boxers."

"Thanks for setting it straight, I shouldn't be trippin so much. My mind keeps making up all these reasons why we shouldn't be together. But baby I don't wanna be without you." Jessi leaned backward looking up into Maggie's eyes. "You're my heart."

Maggie kissed Jessi's yielding lips, loosening the last braid. "They're all out; see it didn't take that long. I don't have the energy wash it out tonight. Mind if we finish in the morning?"

Jessi nodded standing to her feet, she loudly yawned arching her stiffening nipples forward. "I'm going to take a bath and then get some sleep, you coming baby?"

"Sure let me get our robes. Hey maybe we can still wash each other's hair," Maggie suggested going toward the closet.

She plucked Jessi's Puerto Rican flag robe and her sky blue robe. With both in hand and various soaps and lotions, Maggie leisurely walked into the bathroom.

Inside Maggie stopped before foamy tub, yet her girlfriend was nowhere to be seen. Amidst the foam was a deep dark hue. She smiled softly calling forth. "Jessi" Maggie watched a stir within the tub.

At first a small swirl then a dark silhouette rose to the top. Two hands gripped the edge pulling the raven headed girl upward. Jessi rose surrounded in the veil of her excessively long hair.

She stood eyes locked upon Maggie with rising intensity; body limbering dripping wet, from her chin to soapy droplets cascading off her nipples. Jessi let the rarity of the occasion settle with Maggie, for she called such a moment Jessi's unrestricted beauty.

Cloaked within the curling tresses of hair, Jessi extended a hand toward her rousing girlfriend. "Sup, sexy girl?" Jessi blew an air kiss partially hidden beneath the endless hair.

"My Spanish angel of mercy," Maggie acknowledged in Jessi's impenetrable stare.

"Come on in the water's nice and warm," Jessi invited spreading the hair away from her face.

"It's gotten longer since last time. You have such beautiful hair; I wish I had the willpower to grown mine out like that. Turn around I'll wash it," Maggie instructed: she stepped into the tub unworthy of such a reserved beauty.

The next morning

Jessi rolled over snuggling against Maggie once more. Her arm draped across the soft body as she slept; peaceful as the sight seemed, Jessi dreamt of being locked within a boutique, forced to try on each dress in exchange for her freedom.

"Stop, I'm not doing it you can't make me--leave her alone," Jessi murmured, tossing and turning.

She was drawn into a warm embrace of Maggie in her struggling. "Its okay baby, you're just having a bad dream." Maggie held Jessi, running her fingers through blanket of hair.

"Damn, that dream was crazy. We were in this boutique, and you went to try on a bikini. The next thing I know all the doors locked; this bitch tells me I can't leave until I try on every dress in the store!

Yo I was about whoop that bitch's ass. Then she was like if you don't do what we say: we'll kill your girlfriend. Maggie, it felt so real I thought something bad was gonna happen to you," Jessi whimpered.

"Baby, it was only a dream. Nothing's going to happen to me. This dress thing is really getting to you. Are you sure you really want to wear it? Honestly I'm fine if you say no. I won't force you Jessi," Maggie softly reminded.

Jessi turned to Maggie, with reddening eyes and trembling lips. "I have to; I can't let this control me. It's so stupid you know, just a piece of fabric and its making me crazy."

"I know you have a lot of pride, but there are some things that aren't that important. Since last night you've been so depressed. I like when you can be soft and vulnerable like this; as selfish as it may sound, I like you like this because I feel like I can protect you.

You're so tough never taking anyone's shit; closing your emotions off to the world, except me. Sometimes I like to see that delicate part of you. Sometimes I want to be the one who comes to your aide. Jesyllia, it's okay to cry and stress over things, you can be depressed and above all never be afraid to be loved," Maggie whispered, placing soothing kisses on Jessi's face.

"Thanks Maggie, you always know how to make me feel better. And you're right I can't be a stone wall all the time; I need you, and don't want to ever push you away; or other people that I love like my family. You're the greatest girlfriend," Jessi admitted with pink cheeks.

"I try to be as good as I can to you and us. I owe you so much for coming to see my mom today. She's tired of me bragging about you all the time; I can finally show her my Jesyllia.

I'll make your hair extra nice today before we leave. Then when we get back I'll braid your hair anyway you want. Don't worry, this really means a lot to me and so do you," Maggie promised.

Jessi smiled within the comfort of Maggie's arms, kissing away her distress. Her hand roamed beneath the sheets, tracing across the softness of Maggie, and thin nylon of her negligee.

Jessi loved the feel of lingerie, even if she would never wear it. "Well we have a long drive ahead of us, might as well start on the right foot." Jessi kissed Maggie's arm, and raised it up, freeing herself from the loving grasp.

"I'm going to make breakfast; want anything special?" Jessi asked, roving her feet for the slippers.

Maggie ran her fingers through Jessi's hair in amazement. "A scrambled egg and one sausage; I have to be careful with those, they go straight to my ass," Maggie frowned.

Jessi turned back in surprise, "Then you're getting two!"

"Jessi, you-are-so-MEAN!" Maggie groaned.

"You like my hair, and I like that booty," Jessi stated, sticking out her tongue as she scampered away.

Maggie crawled toward the edge of the bed, mesmerized by the cape-like hair. Jessi's comment did ring true as Maggie looked behind her. "She can be so persistent sometimes, but I guess I do have a nice butt."

Maggie walked into the kitchen pulling up a chair at the table. "You'll eventually have to cut it you know; or else you might start stepping on it!"

"I'll deal, now eat up I wouldn't want my girl to thin out," Jessi smirked, blatantly staring at Maggie's bottom.

"Shut, up!" Maggie gasped as her face rose in color.

"Girl just chill and eat up," Jessi laughed pouring up two glasses of juice.

"So the plan is to leave for my mom's in an hour. Want me to pack some sandwiches, or just get something along the way?" Maggie asked, frothing over the plump sausages in her plate.

"You really like those don't you?" Jessi innocently asked.

"They're so good but I really do need to eat healthier. How about we try turkey sausage next time we go shopping?" Maggie suggested, sinking her teeth into the lovely sausage.

"Whatever you want girl, but I ain't eating that turkey shit. Pork is filling you out nicely, and we exercise all the time!" Jessi insisted.

"That isn't exercising, though it does burn off a lot of calories." Maggie squeezed the sausages into a napkin, hoping to drain out a few. "Why does everything that's bad for you have to be so desirable?"

"Am I bad for you?" Jessi sweetly asked.

"Please, you're fat free with an extra sweet center," Maggie blushed.

"And she calls me naughty. Anyway I'm gonna start the rice and vegetables. After you're finished, can you get the bags and clothes ready?" Jessi asked.

"Sure," Maggie responded with a mouthful of sausage.

"Stop worrying baby you're beautiful and cuddly. If anybody don't like it, I'll whoop their ass for you, okay baby," Jessi promised.

Maggie smiled knowing Jessi wasn't joking. She only prayed the day would go over smoothly. It was something Maggie wanted to do for a long time. Already having her blessing on the relationship, Maggie still wanted her mother to meet her girlfriend.

She finished the breakfast, staring in admiration at Jessi.

Demonstrating a natural flare in the kitchen; Jessi easily sliced and diced the six whole vegetables in two minutes flat. She swept them aside toward the boiling pot of water.

Before her was the yellow seasoning with a mixture of preferred spices. Jessi mixed it into the rice, smiling as it transcended a shade of glimmering gold. It was a recipe Jessi learned from her mother, one of her many treasured teachings.

She poured the rice into a large mixing bowl, and then poured in the vegetables, adding more selective seasoning. For Maggie's sake, Jessi toned down the pepper. Her baby didn't have the tongue for true Spanish spices. She noticed Maggie's twinkling stare.

"Why do you always do that when I cook?" Jessi asked while pouring everything into the boiling pot.

"I get this proud feeling seeing you do things like that. That's what I was telling my mom, it feels like you're my wife," Maggie admitted.

Jessi looked away completely flustered. "Come on Maggie don't be saying things like that, it's embarrassing."

"I can't help it; anyway I'll get our bags ready."

Maggie scurried toward the bedroom singing aloud. She immediately resumed packing their bags; Maggie was an absolute neat freak. Everything had to be in a certain order; being so she packed all of Jessi's jeans, shorts and shirts accordingly.

Even though it was only a two day stay she took precautions. In her own bag Maggie packed a few 'personal items'. She knew Jessi was too embarrassed to carry such devices. Above all Maggie made sure to pack the coveted micro shorts.

They really did press on her ass when she wore them; it was only from Jessi's undying desire Maggie could wear them. She would never dare wear them for anyone but Jessi.

Maggie did feel a little conscious of her weight; since Jessi moved in she had nothing but home cooked meals. She was more than grateful, only she didn't have the high metabolism of Jessi.

Still Maggie couldn't even have been considered plump; it only showed in her thighs and soft butt. She for the most part could almost be called slender otherwise. "As Jessi would say, quit trippin Maggie." She finished packing their bags setting them aside.

"The rice'll be done in a few baby. I'll make sandwiches just pick me out something good to wear," Jessi yelled from the kitchen.

"My future wife," Maggie giggled as she laid out thee outfit for Jessi.

They were on the road shortly after making good time. It was Maggie who drove as usual. Jessi rather relax and listen to the radio, or she would read one of her many cheesy lesbian romance novels.

Maggie was completely enamored by Jessi's appearance. Jessi sat content beside her in the dress, hair fully down and wearing makeup. "You're so cute." Maggie also knew it was probably the last time she'd see Jessi in a dress.

"…Thank you," Jessi humbly accepted as she resumed her book.

There was so much depth which Jessi's outer image deflected. "On the way back, let's stop off at a book store. The author wrote a sequel to this one." Jessi slowly turned the page, lost in the superfluous romance.

"You know there is actually a LGBT bookstore two miles from her house. I used to hang around in there when I was a kid. I mean, it's not as big as the one near campus; then again I haven't been there in almost five years.

I actually came out to the owner when I was fifteen. She really understood unlike my mom, but people change…not as much as we'd like them to," Maggie answered resting her hand on Jessi's leg.

The hand was held by Jessi and she continually read the book. "I brought my digital cam, mind if the three of us take a few pictures?"

"Sure that would be great! Any special reason?" Maggie pried.

Jessi grew quiet actually blushing. "I like taking pictures of things we do, I'm making a digital scrap book. I want to remember myself in this dress. You know for…when we get married we can show everyone." Jessi spoke her reasoning barely above a whisper.

A serene image of them standing in a chapel embraced Maggie. She felt the softness of Jessi's hand within hers. They once more shared a girl moment, only this time it was much closer than either had expected.

"Jesyllia, will you marry me?" Maggie whispered as she sympathetically cried in Jessi's admission.

The book fell from Jessi's fingers as she fully took in the question. Her mind ran rampant in a million memories. It surged in every painful, happy, depressing and utterly peaceful moment in her life.

Jessi fought to remain calm; she stared at the book on the ground, feeling a shiver as Maggie's fingers caressed hers. Jessi looked to Maggie's beautifully tearing face, she wept so innocently in the desire to be with Jessi.

"Yes Maggie I'll marry you. I love you so much," Jessi cried, no longer able to hold back her pride.

"Oh my god, this is the happiest day of my life…we're engaged! Oh my god," Maggie gasped.

"And I'll be Jesyllia Streno…it sounds destined doesn't it," Jessi asked, leaning over and kissing Maggie.

"We'll be…wives," Maggie forced.

"Wives, now that's some crazy shit. But what if I don't make a good wife for you? Or if I don't make enough money after I graduate, then we'll be living in some dingy apartment over a convenient store. What I don't turn you on sexually anymore after we get married. Or--"

The car sharply pulled to the side of the road, and Jessi was shushed by Maggie's lips against hers. She held Jessi's face, flicking the tears with her thumbs and smiled. "Baby its okay; we have all the time in the world to get married, and you'll always turn me on." She lightly kissed Jessi's trembling lips once more


Maggie held Jessi's hand as she pulled back onto the road. They drove the rest of the way in near complete silence, only smiling at the thought of marriage.

The extended silence only manifested the anxieties within the two. It was Jessi who broke the commemorative solitude. "Are you going to tell your mom?" Her hand lightly brushed against Maggie's thigh, subtle nervous habit.

"We don't have to hide it, I want her to know. Jessi don't worry."

"I'm trying but it's hard; I mean this morning my biggest worry was this dress. Now we're engaged, I'm gonna be your wifey Maggie. We'll be…a family. I'm scared Maggie, I've wanted to reach this level so badly, but I'm scared."

"Jessi, if there's one thing I've learned from you, its life is full of fear, and when you really love someone or something against that fear, there's nothing stopping you from overcoming it.

I'm scared to death to ever lose you, I'm afraid of taking that walk down the aisle. But Jesyllia I love you and that's why I can smile. I know that no matter how bad things are, you'll always await me on the other side. I'm afraid, but I love you too much to be scared."

"God Maggie, that was so poetic. Do straight couples go through this?" Jessi asked, smiling in Maggie's confession.

"Well it's a hell of a lot easier for them to get married. In the same light they don't seem to respect the sanctity of marriage; all you have to do is look up their divorce rate," Maggie reminded.

"I guess it's true. You never really appreciate something like marriage, until you're outright denied that right. Our government is built off hypocrisy; but what do I know, I'm just a dumb Spanish dyke from the hood," Jessi related, resting her head against Maggie.

"Then I'm the snooty white lesbian who's madly in love with you," Maggie airily added.

"We do make a couple don't we; a hood rat and a princess with a sweet booty." Jessi was playfully shoved away at the mere word.

"Yeah we are quite a pair, even if my girlfriend is perverted! Hey we're here; you only have to keep that dress on for a few more hours," Maggie reminded pulling into the driveway.

As Jessi looked at the house, it was exactly what she imagined Maggie would have grown up in. It was a colonial two story white house, black roof with a window peaking into the attic.

The yard was laced with an off-white picket fence, and grass picture perfectly green. The only thing missing were the flower beds. Jessi was almost disappointed in it not completing the stereotype.

Even before she could touch her lock, Maggie ran around opening her door. She then disappeared popping the trunk. Jessi nervously stepped out the car with pot in hand; she stood and cautiously raised her foot.

It came down on the pavement casually passing to a step. Jessi smiled taking another step, loosing her balance, and almost falling flat on her face. "Dammit I can't walk in these goddamn heels!"

"Take your time; you've never worn them before. Just pace your steps and try to remember you're elevated," Maggie coached.

"Easy for you to say you wear these things all the time." Jessi slowly walked around the car for her bag.

"Don't worry yourself baby, I've got it. You just stay there and look pretty," Maggie advised, nearly toppling over with their bags.

Jessi set the pot on the driveway, rushing to Maggie's aide. "I ain't a damn trophy, I want to help. Look you can parade me around inside, but I'm not letting you throw out your back for me, I need you in good health for later."

"Okay, it's just you look so beautiful and I don't want to mess it up." Maggie's plea fell on deaf ears; a bag was lifted from her hands, carried carefully up the walkway by Jessi.

She watched Jessi apprehensively walk up the pathway; for a brief moment Maggie saw not a front door, but cathedral and she materialized beside Jessi, adorned in glorious white.

"Maggie, what are you looking at?" Jessi called from the door, arms crossed in agitation. She leaned against the door in her white dress; those small ruby red painted lips bent with agitation, she loosely kicked about the ground frilling her dress. "Maggie quit spacing!"

The weight of the bags in her arms brought Maggie back. She delicately walked toward Jessi fawning in admiration. "You're right; we have to save this in a picture." Maggie tapped the wall while ogling Jessi; eventually her finger hit the bell as they waited.

Jessi's eyes fell to the pot in her hands; she couldn't stand Maggie's magnetic stare. Her mind counted the hours until the dress was no more. Jessi stood in reddening cheeks picturing Maggie in the shorts.

One such occasion replicated in her carnal mind. The afternoon Maggie bought said shorts; Jessi painfully waited as Maggie slid the shorts across her thighs, hugging the plumpness of her derriere.

"Four hours and fifty eight minutes to go," Jessi whispered, taking a peek at Maggie's unnervingly short dress.

Within the lid of the pot, Jessi watched her distorted reflection. The makeup encased face and quivering lips beamed at her. She saw Maggie's reflection lean forward, Jessi looked up, tricked into a restful kiss as the door opened.

Maggie quickly turned toward the door, smearing Jessi's lipstick from her lips to cheek. "Mom! Hi, you startled us." She held Jessi tightly in a picture perfect pose. "Mom I'd like you to meet my beautiful girlfriend, Jesyllia Valdez."

"…Don't you think that dress is a little flirtatious dear?" Maggie's mother noted.

"Four hours and fifty seven minutes," Jessi mentally continued upon hearing that comment.

"Nice to meet you Ms. Streno," Jessi timidly greeted.

She clutched the small pot of rice; desperately trying to regain her natural composure. Whether the impeding thought of Maggie in undress, their infantile engagement, or her girlfriend's mother standing before her, Jessi's disposition eased feeling Maggie's fingers slip into hers.

"Please come in, I've been dying to meet the girl that's entranced my daughter so," Maggie's mother invited, watching the adjacent houses as the girls entered.

As she walked past, Jessi felt the discontent exude in the woman's charmingly defiant stare. Those chestnut brown eyes, faded a level beyond Maggie's, callously watched her clasp Maggie's hand.

They absorbed the nurture within the light touch in entrance, reflected an outward turmoil in the acceptance for inward truths. Her eyes turned away from the Latina, pitifully reading undying affections of Maggie within the simple gesture.

Maggie tightly held Jessi's hand piercing her mother's glare. "Please mom don't do this. I just want the three of us to enjoy this meeting."

"Ms. Streno…do you need any help in the kitchen?" Jessi spoke up, giving Maggie time to settle.

"You don't have to call me that. We're all adults here aren't were; call me Beverly, and from what Maggie has told me you don't seem too bad in the kitchen."

"Yeah I love to cook for Maggie. I gotta make sure my girl has a full breakfast and dinner every day, and desert," Jessi answered, purposely trailing off with the innuendo.

"Strange, from the pictures I figured you'd be the male in the relationship," Beverly remarked while entering the kitchen.

Jessi's leg stiffened feeling the asperity shoot through her body. "Oh no the fuck she didn't just--" She was quickly shushed by Maggie's hand across her mouth.

Maggie looked into Jessi's eyes, holding her until the stiffness and rage dissipated. "I'm so sorry; she can be very insensitive, she was a LOT worse when I finally came out to her."

Jessi looked away from her girlfriend's beautifully anguished visage. She remembered that humid August afternoon; Jessi was on her way home from a concert. She stood on the corner waiting for the bus against the first trickles of rain.

It came subtle at first, and then a steady pour soaking Jessi from head to toe. Standing in the rain sans umbrella, Jessi happened to look across the street. Her eyes focused upon the most beautifully crafted female. Jessi was drawn to her legs, amply displayed in the mini skirt.

She smiled as the girl ran across the street, raising the skirt higher in each rapid step; teasing Jessi as the flimsy material damply clung to her perfectly outlined thighs. The girl stopped before Jess lightly panting.

Her chestnut eyes twinkled with sincerity, sharing her umbrella and her name, Maggie Streno.

Jessi hugged her girlfriend, just proud. "I never wanna be apart from you."

"You're so sweet, even with her being such a b…I can't say that, she's still my mother," Maggie solemnly whispered.

"Baby I'll never let anyone hurt you ever again. I know your mom don't like that we're together, but we have to be strong…like I'm one to talk," Jessi admitted, in light of her previous near explosion.

"Jessi your boldness is one of the main things I love about you. If anyone can handle my mom's closed mindedness it's you. And as long as you're with me so can I. Now go show her how my baby rocks in the kitchen," Maggie advised, giving Jessi an encouraging pat on the ass, and lightly holding her hand.

"Damn right, I gotta represent for all the Spanish lezzies out there," Jessi boasted as entered the kitchen, taking extra precaution not to step on her dress. In her brief interlude with Maggie, Jessi all but forgot she even wore the outfit.

It worried her in the subconscious acceptance of the makeover. Of course Jessi was still able to smile; she knew Maggie loved no matter how she looked, and the dress was a testament to her devotion, and a generous 'fuck you' to her mother's callous stance toward homosexuality.

"Damn, this is hot as hell," Jessi gasped in the marvel of Beverly's kitchen.

Jessi did little to hide her elation with the room. She was a kid in a culinary candy store, and felt less agitated in the dress. Maggie's fingertips passed alongside Jessi's wrist in exit. She pulled away the twittering arm stepping inside the kitchen.

With the final sway of the kitchen door, Jessi set her pot on the counter. The kitchen looked something out of the food channel. Jessi yearned to take hold of the plethora palatable majesty.

She fidgeted so overwhelmed once more in her life, literally salivating to take command of such a stage. "I could make anything in here." Jessi walked around the counter, admiring the various sets of pots, polished utensils and the wall with three personalized aprons.

"Wow…that's nice," Jessi whispered taking the embroidered apron between her fingertips.

Beverly watched Jessi fawn over the kitchen, completely oblivious to her presence. "I guess Maggie wasn't kidding when she said you liked to cook. Do you like my kitchen? It took me ten years to make it just how I like it."

Jessi released the apron nodding respectfully. "Since I was a little girl, I dreamt of having a kitchen like this. I used to watch my mother cook all the time, and her kitchen was her special place, and I want that.

You know, I just want something that's mine. My little get away from the world; when I cook it makes me happy, because I'm doing something I love. When I cook for Maggie, I'm doing something I love for someone I love. She makes me so happy, Ms. Streno."

"Jessi, can we talk for a moment?"

The flames of culinary passion disappeared leaving her stilted. Jessi frowned letting her scarlet femme taint her mind once more. She watched Beverly open the small pot, inspecting the rice then turning back to Jessi.

Beverly's eyes were empty looking to Jessi. They drained of all plausible emotion, piercing, shaking and dragging Jessi's leaping heart into a bleak abyss. The brown of her eyes vanished in a blink, returning much softer, yet too faint in the warmth of an acceptant mother.

"I'm not happy about this you know," Beverly lamented, sliding the cover across the pot of rice.

"Ms. Streno I don't mean you any disrespect, but I love your daughter."

Beverly sharply turned her back to Jessi, bending down to open the stove. She set the rice next to the roast, taking the extra seconds to shut the door. "She was only thirteen, the first time I saw the signs.

I came home early from work one day. I went up to tell Maggie good afternoon and I saw her; spread off the bed with her panties around her ankles, masturbating to one of her brother's dirty magazines.

I was in such shock my mind went blank. All I remember was waking in my room a few hours later, makeup imprinted into a damp pillow." Beverly sat at the table pushing out a seat for Jessi.

"Did you confront her about it?" Jessi timidly asked. She tried her best to maintain sincere eye contact amidst her rousing cheeks.

"No, I foolishly convinced myself it was merely a phase. We all get curious at one time or another."

"But you knew Beverly didn't you?"

The older woman released a sigh of hopelessness, looking toward the ceiling as the serenity further diminished. "The harder I tried to look the other way, the more apparent her homosexuality became. A full year passed, and I still couldn't accept it."

"I'm sorry…I know it can be rough on you being her mom and all." Jessi mustered all her softness toward this woman, even placing a hand atop of Beverly's in a comforting gesture.

Beverly harshly glared at Jessi snapping back her hand. "Look I love Maggie, and as much as her choice hurts me, I won't stand in her way. My daughter is in love with you, a girl. Do you have any idea how that makes me feel inside?"

"Like your heart is ripping in two whenever you see us together, that searing pain in the pit of your stomach, the burning shame in knowing your baby is queer. You imagine all of your friends watching, snickering, and whispering behind your back our immoral wrongs, and their subjugated ideals and truths.

When Maggie's beautiful chestnut brown eyes gleam in excitement, yours shrink and flow in tears of regret, and contempt. But through it all you still sit here with me and hear what I have to say.

As much as you despise what we stand for, and fight so hard to accomplish in a committed relationship, you invited me into your home as your precious daughter's girlfriend. Ms. Streno I love your daughter with every fiber in my body. I would give my life for Maggie.

Every moment I spend with her feels shorter than the last. There are no real words to describe how much I cherish her. I love the feel of her lips against my skin, the scent of her hair, the way she smirks before she laughs, how she does that little hop she she's excited.

I love she way her lips get so warm when we kiss; and that innocence in her eyes when we make love. I worship how her butt wiggles when she walks. I treasure the way we cuddle and watch corny romance movies…I just love her, and even if you don't approve of us, all I ask is that you stand by Maggie like I do," Jessi wept, laying her head on the table on the notion of her declaration.

"In all the girls Maggie has brought home since then, none of them have ever faced me so bluntly. Jessi I--"

"Please Ms. Streno I didn't come here to be gay bashed. I had enough of that shit back in New York. For once in my life I'm happy, Maggie's my heart, why is it so hard for you people to understand that.

We're two people in love, just because we happen to be girls everyone shits on us. You know what fuck this dress, and fuck this damn third degree treatment. I'm not gonna to sit here and let you talk me or my girlfriend down like that," Jessi cried, shaking uncontrollably.

"Jessi you didn't let me finish. Like I said I'm not proud of the fact my daughter is a lesbian. Nor am I thrilled to find out the two of you are having sex. But she is my baby, and I bite my tongue in seeing how much you truly love her.

Only a complete fool, or someone absolutely love struck, would ever hurl a barrage of obscenities at their lover's mother, and with such passion I might add. Jessi I can't promise you I won't be a bigot on occasion, but I will for Maggie's sake try--"

"That's all I'm asking," Jessi agreed wiping her tears away.

"Hey is everything alright in here, I heard screaming," Maggie asked, peaking through the door, frowning at the sight of Jessi's tears.

She pushed open the door rushing to Jessi's side, tightly holding her shaken lover, and matching her mother's stone cold glare.

"Mother, what did you say to her?" Maggie forced as she tenderly stroked Jessi's head.

"Baby its cool," Jessi whispered stepping away from Maggie.

"You have my support," Beverly wistfully announced.

Maggie turned to Jessi feeling the downcast within the room. Her fingers spread allowing Jessi's to nimbly intertwine. "Thank you mom, that's all I ever wanted. I'm still your little girl, this is who I am you know. It wasn't a choice I made one day, mom I'm gay and I love Jesyllia…and we're engaged mom."

Beverly stumbled backward catching herself on the counter. "You can't be…" She was absolutely mortified in the realization, but once more swallowed the vile deep within her being. "You really love her don't you?"

"Yes mom."

"Of course Ms. Streno."

"I need a drink," Beverly wearily announced.

"Mom, you know I'll always love you. As long as you'll be there for me; that's the most comfort you can provide. Can't we have one peaceful day without my sexuality being an issue?"

"Maggie I'm coping the best I can, its even harder knowing the two of you are getting married. This is really it, no more sliver of hope you'll magically turn straight.

I can't speak for the rest of the family, but congratulations, I really do mean that. Maggie you've got a very devoted girl there; she was ready to jump across the table a while ago, all for you."

"Thank you mom, it really means a lot hearing you say that. Being gay is such an uphill battle, day in and day out I go through this. Sometimes I get so angry at this world mom.

I mean the very woman who gave birth to me; you loved me unconditionally until you realized I was gay. Then you treated me like I had some highly contagious disease. It hurts mom, I'm your daughter! How can you treat someone you love like some kind of monster?

You think only about yourself and what others will think. Can't you put that aside for one minute; just take a minute to look at us. This is my girlfriend Jesyllia Valdez, and whether you like it or not we are in love." Maggie turned away falling into Jessi's arms; unable to tolerate her mother's presence.

"Maggie don't cry, she's trying…isn't that what matters?" Jessi whispered into Maggie's ear, softly holding the shaking body.

"I'm so sorry for putting you through this. I honestly thought she had changed. When we talk on the phone and in letters, she seemed okay with…everything," Maggie wept.

"People are always gonna hate us for who we are. It doesn't matter who mother, father, sister, brother, no one is immune to being influenced. Even people like your mom who can accept gays from a distance; even if she can tolerate you, she's doing just that," Jessi clarified, raising Maggie's head to hers, and looking directly at Beverly behind Maggie's troubled face.

They kissed not out of spite, but with love as it was their most powerful weapon. Maggie's mind cleared of her mother's superficial recognition. She could never truly hate her mother; but Maggie could never love her as deeply as in her preteen years, when she was 'normal'.

She pulled out a seat for her girlfriend, as Jessi sat Maggie smiled at her mother. "It's a start, I can't say I'll expect much more from you, but it's still a lot more than most homophobes would do."

"Please Maggie, don't cut me out of your life. I swear, I'm trying the best I can to be supportive of you, and Jesyllia, that's a beautiful name by the way," Beverly admitted, desperately bidding to salvage their relationship.

"Maggie even though your mom has issues with us, don't do this to her. Family is one of the most important things in your life. Be glad she didn't throw you out, or disown you. She still loves you, even if she has a hard time showing it now. Don't push her away, you have to love her," Jessi pled.

"But Jessi, she's no better than that antigay group on campus!" Maggie protested.

"Don't feed into the hate, that's what they want. They want us to believe what we feel is wrong, what we do is wrong, and most importantly we are wrong. We're human just like everyone else, and bleed the same damn blood. This drama gives me such a headache, but it's worth it when I can look into your eyes, and kiss you as my girl."

"I don't hate either of you," Beverly admitted.

"That's only a start," Jessi reaffirmed.

"Come on mom; let's just enjoy our time together. Jessi's right, even if you don't treat me the same anymore, I still love you. The food smells wonderful! Don't you want to try your future daughter-in-law's cooking?" Maggie asked, batting her eyes at her mother.

Beverly actually smiled at the gesture, nodding her head in agreement. "Why not, I've offended the two of you enough I suppose. And Jessi I…I really do think you will make a fine wife for my daughter."

"Thank you Ms. Streno," Jessi humbly accepted.

"You know, you do look exquisite with such vibrant features, and such rich hair it's so long. But it's obvious you're not comfortable in such a getup. Really now, you didn't have to put yourself out of the way for me.

As you have seen one of the worse sides of me; I owe you enough to be comfortable around me, as we're likely to be seeing a lot more of each other as in-laws. Maggie, Jessi I'll help you, you know when you get married.

I feel like such an ass when I really do look at the two of you. Even though you are both…gay, you are two people every deeply in love. At the drop of a hat you will near blindly defend the other, and the basis of that love. I'm going to make this solemn effort to do whatever I can, even with my prejudices," Beverly divulged.

"Mom…," Maggie lightly smiled, not sure how to take that.

"I'm sorry Maggie ; it's how I was brought up. My father especially hated gays and I learned to hate too, but even in this short time the two of you have shown me a different side of homosexuality.

You are both welcome in my house I want you to know that, and you can even stay in the same room. Please though if you…you know try to keep the noise minimal; I'm not that comfortable as of yet," Beverly asked slightly wincing.

Jessi giggled at Beverly's discomfort. "Alright Ms. Streno we'll be good. The only thing I'll want before I got to bed is a pair of shorts."

"Jessi!" Maggie shrieked.

"Chill baby, I never said what they were for. Now come on let's eat I'm starving," Jessi suggested rubbing her stomach.

Beverly took the pots from the oven, setting them in the center of the table. Once the luggage was put away, and everyone washed up, dinner was finally served. To her word, Jessi still wore the dress though it grew uncomfortable.

As they all for the first time sat at the table, Jessi held Maggie's hand, and surprisingly Beverly held Maggie and Jessi's free hands. In a circle they did a simple prayer.

In its conclusion Jessi opened her eyes to see her girlfriend, and future mother-in-law holding hands alongside her. She smiled at Beverly's efforts to accept the couple. Jessi was also given the honor of making the first plate.

"Let's see pot roast, potatoes and carrots; not a bad dish but you'll love it with a side of Spanish rice," Jessi announced scooping a generous heaping on the plate.

"Are you really going to eat all that?" Beverly asked seeing the yellow dome on the plate.

"Nah, this is for you Ms. Streno. Consider it a peace offering; come on its not poisonous. It's the same thing I make for Maggie all the time and she loves it," Jessi reminded.

"Her cooking is awesome mom. You can take my word for it, she's doing her best to fatten me up," Maggie revealed, though a little embarrassed.

"Your daughter has a beautiful ass, so nice and round. Spanish cooking does her body good," Jessi proudly declared to Beverly.

"I…see," Beverly nervously answered as she took the plate from Jessi.

"Well mom, this is my future wife. She's rude, crude and loves me totally nude. So anyway try the rice!" Maggie urged, further hampering her mother.

"Okay, okay let me get my fork," Beverly said while lowering her fork to the steaming rice.

Both girls watched as she scooped up a small mountain in the fork. Jessi especially followed the fork toward Beverly's mouth. The lips parted, and like an iceberg floating toward an abyss it vanished.

The room was uncomfortably silent as they awaited the verdict.

Beverly swished the rice in her mouth, letting the flavor reach full effect. She swallowed licking her lips ecstatically. "Oh my god Jessi you cooked this?" Beverly shoved another mouthful of rice as Jessi nodded.

"See Mom I told you she's an awesome cook," Maggie proudly complimented.

"If it's not any trouble, do you think you could show me how to make this? I know the girls in the pottery club would LOVE this. Mary Lou Santilli makes yellow rice, but it tastes nowhere as good as this!" Beverly praised.

"It'll be my pleasure, I LOVE your kitchen. See I'm a normal person; don't let my being gay put you off. Tell you what tomorrow; we can have a cooking day. You can spend sometime with your future daughter-in-law…can I wear one of your aprons?" Jessi excitedly asked.

"I'd really like that Jessi."

"But I want you to promise me one thing?" Jessi said turning serious.

"What's that?" Beverly asked.

"If anyone asked where you got the recipe from--"

"Damn Jessi, you're really backing her against a wall," Maggie grinned.

"You tell them that you got the recipe from your daughter's girlfriend. Can you make that itty bitty promise?" Jessi gingerly asked.

Beverly hesitantly nodded, then looked at Maggie's gleaming eyes. She honestly nodded. "I promise."

"Oh my god, this feels like we're a real family. Mom I hope you really do keep your promise; I don't know what I'd do if you ever shut the door in my face," Maggie said with emphasis on the loneliness.

"Maggie, I won't lie to you. I'm really not happy that you're gay, or that you're marrying a girl. But in the same sense, I'm happy that you have found someone who loves you for you.

All I want is for your happiness, even though it's by the least favorable means, I still love you and always will, and Jessi I openly welcome you into my family. My father on the other hand is deaf to this subject," Beverly admitted.

"Grandpa's a fucking asshole and a racist….sorry mom didn't mean to curse. But he's a horrible man. I mean if he saw me with Jessi he'd flip, not even because we're lesbians, but first because she's Puerto Rican and I'm white. Then he'd get onto the gay issue.

When I think about it, you're not bad at all compared to grandpa. He would have called Jessi every slur in the book." Maggie rested her head in her hands sighing heavily. "Can we just eat, it upsets me just thinking about him. I really hope you never get like that mom."

"Baby, eat up your plate is getting cold. Remember you and Jessi are always welcome here. Especially you Jessi, I'd love to learn about Spanish cooking. Mary Lou is too upright with that," Beverly noted.

"That's cool, I don't mind as long as my girl stays happy. Not be rude, but as soon as I'm done eating this dress has to go," Jessi announced.

"Believe me its going. After such a heartfelt discussion, and my mom's actual support, we're definitely 'celebrating' tonight. Is that okay with you mom?" Maggie innocently asked, scooting closer to Jessi.

"You know I couldn't stop you if I wanted to. But you are two consenting adults, and being my guests you can do whatever you want. Though like I said please try to be discrete if possible, it's all I ask," Beverly reminded.

"Don't worry we'll respect your rules; and I'll make breakfast tomorrow morning. Just tell me what you want before we go out tonight," Jessi added.

"Where are you going?"

"We're going clubbing. There's a gay club a few miles over, we might check it out, or just go to the other one," Maggie clarified.

"My baby's all grown up and getting married; though one thing has been bugging me," Beverley hinted.

"What would that be?" Jessi asked while having another slice of pot roast.

"When are you going to give me a little grandbaby?" Beverly softly asked.

"Kids," Maggie blushed looking bashfully as Jessi.

"Well um….," Jessi stammered, blushing deeper than Maggie.

The End!

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