The scared young women carefully maneuvered herself around on of the many dungeons' walls. She stared hared into the bleakness; all what she could she was what appeared to be moss clinging to the stones. Except instead of a normal greenish moss it was a blood red.

She could hear her brothers' and husbands' screams' as they died appalling deaths. Knowing she was the last one she fell toe the floor; tears flowing freely down her cheeks.

If she listened hard enough she could hear the creatures coming towards her. She trembled, and forced herself to stand up. The women unsheathed her twin swords from her back and took a deep breath.

"Come get me Ranga. I know you're the one who started this. So let us end this now."

By now the creatures were almost upon her. She passively shook her russet hair out of her face. The light was meek and she couldn't see them, but she knew they were there.

"My baby is safe, you fifthly pieces of Thorrn. My legacy will still continue. They will remember my name!" she snarled.

The creatures slowly slinked out of the shadows and stood in a semi-circle around her. Forcing her to back against the wall. Their tails whipped around; smiling evilly all them took out their own swords or daggers. The women vigilantly stood in a battle stance.

After a few seconds of silence they attacked. One of them threw a barbed net over her. Then another took out a metal with a spike on one side. The creatures pinned her to the ground. With the spike poised above her heart they said in unison.

"Daughter of Vanthain will you tell us were the child is? Our Queen is of need of it."

Never will you find the child! She is so well hidden. That even I do not know were she is." She said forcefully. For her wounds were already grave and she could feel her life ebbing away.

"Our Queen is of need of the child." They repeated. "If you will not tell us Daughter of Vanthain, we will kill you. Just like we did to everyone that was close to you, you will die.

"I'm already dieing. I've been dieing since I've meet that witch that you call queen!" she said.

"We will give you one more chance. Will you tell us now?"

"I would rather bee thrown off a cliff than let you have that child!!" The women said. Her breath was getting shallower and they were coming in short gasps.

The creatures looked at each other carefully. They knew that their Queen really didn't want this woman dead. They could feel the fear seeping out of her and they anxious to feed, but they needed to get the information from her. They would have to get it out of her brain.

The women saw the uncertain glances between the creatures. "Kill me now. I know you can feel my life fading away." She whispered.

She groped around for her dagger. On of the creatures saw the movement and grabbed her wrist, "I wouldn't do that Daughter of Vanthain"

After a few more moments of nothing the women finally came up with a solution. She called all the magic around her to her. Preparing herself for her last spell to try to get ride of Ranga.

"I curse you Ranga for betraying everything that we were taught. I am the only who truly knew and yet you did everything to push me away" She said before continuing.

"So I curse you to forever live. I curse you for an eternity of trying to find my child that you will never find. I curse you for killing my family; you will always hear their cries of hatred in your head. In the name of Vanthain make it be true." She said finishing it off.

The creatures were in stunned silence. Then they howled in anger when they realized that they had also been cursed. Since they were connected to their queen.

Pulling out the bug immortal that would get the facts that they needed. They placed it next to her ear. It hastily ate its way to her brain. She screamed in such agony. That the creatures laughed giddily; they all loved seeing pain.

"Save me mother! I never deserved this death! I did what any Daughter of Vanthain would do. Don't leave to die like this! I know you can hear me. Please save me." She cried.

"My daughter will avenge my death, Ranga!" was the last woman's sentence; for death came shortly after.