AN: This one was a lot of fun to write. It makes me think of a children's book. I'm thinking about making it longer, but I'm not sure yet.

Such a Dream

I dreamed a dream last night

A marvelous dream of

Still, unmoving glassy oceans

Over which flew

A flying horse with

A dragon-knight armed with a sword

Riding upon his back

They fought through purple clouds

Tough as slimy steak

And when they got to

The Misty Mountains of Mermaidland

They flew right through with ease

And when they got to the other side

They waved to the humans

Living in the water below

And on they went to the caves

In which the witch flowers grew

Where the fluffy pink turtles horded

All the kingdom's cheese

And to get inside

Both dragon-knight and horse

Had to crawl upon their knees

Once they were in the caves

The cheese they did find

And to get it back from the turtles

They had to tell them jokes to tickle them green

But just as the horse and dragon-knight

Were crawling out of the caves

They learnt that the turtles

Were really very mean

The turtles started to attack

So they could get their stolen cheese back!

But then I woke up and

I cannot remember

Just where it went from there

And I don't know

Just how it started up

And those in-between details

Are escaping me as well

Now my dream floats just beyond my grasp

And I hope that some night it will visit me again.

So I can find out just what happened

To the horse-knight and his dragon

Or was it the knight and his dragon-horse?

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