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No Sympathy for the Dying Claustrophobic Mind



The walls are closing in on me

…..Suffocating me

Depriving me of light

…..This little padded room of crimson and white

Cuts me off from all the world

…..Sealing me in everlasting night

A little closer

…..They all come in

The sadistic ceiling, wicked walls, and fiendish floor

…..Slowly ebbs away my sanity,

Leaving me forevermore.

…..In this place I am going mad

But for me there is no sympathy

…..Not even a shadow

From my only companions

…..The four walls, ceiling, and floor

Just a shadow of sympathy is what I crave

…..But they have none for me

Not even a shadow can they spare

…..No sympathy will grace their blank faces

And not even a shadow of sympathy will I see

…..Before my madness drives me to my grave




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