It was a rough start, but the four teenagers got the underground club ready. Ashen did his part in making the place passable for the "impending rush". Rai got everything he needed to cook for the hoards of whatever that was going to enter the sanctum.

"What do the supernatural eat?" Rai asked Ashen, who was walking towards the stage.

"I dunno." He replied. "What's in the kitchen?"

"I have no idea." Rai said, walking to the pantry. He opened the door, revealing shelves upon shelves of jarred creatures unlike anything ever seen before. He could see grotesque figures squirming inside their prisons. Rai turned back to Ashen. "Hey, uh, Ashen?" he asked.

"What?" Ashen replied, sick of Rai slowing him down.

"There's things moving in the pantry." He replied. Ashen sighed.

"It's probably just a worm, man. We are underground."

"No, man, in the pantry, there are things moving. In jars." He said, pointing to the filled pantry. Ashen walked into the kitchen carrying the discs.


"I told you, stupid!" Rai yelled. "What do you expect me to do?"

"I have no idea." Ashen said. He looked around the kitchen, eventually finding a shelf of books. "Pick up one of those cookbooks and see what you can make. Good luck. Bye." Ashen left the room briskly. Rai sighed and grabbed a book.

Ashen walked back into the giant center room and up to the stage. Sessh walked out from behind the bar, holding two bottles from the shelves.

"What is this stuff?" she asked.

"I have no idea." Ashen replied, "but apparently the supernatural love it." Sessh sighed in reply to his cynical comment. "Where's Kiera?" Ashen asked, setting the giant disc upon the podium.

"She's still in the bathroom, trying on her waitress outfit."

"Still?" Ashen asked, "Why so long?"

"Well, she doesn't like it that much." Sessh replied. Ashen sighed and walked towards the bathroom. Ashen knocked on the door.

"Kiera, are you ready yet?" he asked.

"I'm not coming out!" she replied, from the other side of the door.

"Why not?"

"I look stupid!" she yelled.

"You look fine." He replied, "now get out here. We're almost ready." Kiera slowly walked into the room, wearing a dingy-gray outfit. The skirt was covered in a rough gray tone, and the lack of polish made the entire thing look ancient. Upon her chest was a nametag with her name on it. Kiera cringed upon entering, in total embarrassment of her appearance.

"I look stupid!" she yelled.

"You look fine." Ashen replied, "Now, you gotta be ready to take orders. This place is gonna be packed soon."

"Dammit, Ashen…" she said, under her breath. She then walked towards the kitchen. Ashen took a deep breath and walked back to the stage. He flipped the power switch, activating the speaker system. "That Korol ghost girl said that the Spirit World would take care of power. How do you suppose that goes about?" he said, slowly spinning the disc.

"Maybe there's some sort of energy in the Spirit World that we don't have on Earth." Kiera said.

"Probably." Sessh said, turning toward the kitchen. "Ready in there, Rai?" she asked.

"What is this stuff?" Rai asked, messing with the jarred ingredients.

"It's lunch for whatever comes here." Sessh replied, smiling at him. One of the creatures, a three-eyed lesser demon, escaped from the jar and began bouncing about the kitchen. Rai attempted to catch it, but fell onto the stone floor. "Rai, didn't your mother tell you not to play with your food."

"That was so funny I forgot to laugh, now will you freakin' help me?!" Rai yelled, swinging his arms and trying to catch the demon. Sessh walked in and with a single stomp, pinned the creature to the floor. Rai's jaw dropped. "If I wasn't so exhausted I'd ask you how you did that."

"Good, now you can start cooking the food." Sessh said, walking out. Rai sighed and continued to follow the obscure recipe in the cookbook. Sessh noticed Ashen starting up the entertainment. "What do you have to play, Ashen?" she asked.

"I was digging around in the back room and I found a bunch of old records. This one says it's called the 'NecroTechno Collection Vol. 1'." He replied, staring at the disc.

"Weird." Sessh commented. "Play it, see what it's like." Ashen started up the system, beginning an upbeat techno sound with haunting screams in the background. Both were a bit shocked at the odd music, but soon found it to be rather appropriate and catchy.

"Well, that's a keeper." Ashen said. Kiera walked out from the kitchen.

"What was that music, Ashen?" she asked.

"Some techno music for the supernatural." He replied, "but enough about that. Is everyone ready to get this place underway?" Everyone nodded. Ashen was eager to see what kinds of things would happen in their new hangout. The atmosphere, the "people", it all was so exciting to him. However, in all the excitement, he completely forgot how to even open the place up. "Um, how to the supernatural even get here?" he asked. The others shrugged. Lost in confusion, Ashen was quickly interrupted by a loud explosion coming from behind the stage curtain. He jumped back from the stage towards the others.

"What was that?!" Kiera asked. Ashen walked back to the stage and slowly pulled the curtain aside. Behind it stood four figures; each one's skin was gray and rough. Each one wore tattered clothing of blue and had their faces old and decayed. Ashen was confused at their appearance, but one of them walked over and looked at him.

"Are we in the right place, sir?" it said in a raspy voice.

"Okay, who are you?" Ashen asked.

"Uh, this is the 'Burial Ground', right?" it said. The name apparently got out quick.

"Yeah." Ashen replied.

"Well, we're a musical group." It said. "We wanted to apply for a performance."

"Where did you guys come from?" Ashen asked, pointing to him.

"We came from the Spirit World, man."

"No, how did you get here?"

"From the Gate."

"What Gate?" Ashen asked.

"The one behind the curtain." The creature said. "Last time we came here the Gate was somewhere else. Doesn't make sense to put the door to the Spirit World behind a curtain." Ashen was lost, but pushed aside the figures to see the Gate. He threw some boxes and trinkets to reveal a tremendous portal resonating with an eerie light.

"You guys came from here?" Ashen asked. The four nodded. "This is gonna have to be moved, but how do you move this thing?"

"Just tell it to go somewhere else, man."

"No, seriously, how do we move it?" Ashen said, having no time for games. The first of the figures reached inside the portal with his gray hand and after about a minute, the portal disintegrated.

"There you go, man." The figure said. Ashen then heard screaming and clamors from the other side of the curtain. He looked around the curtain to see Kiera freaking out, Rai in complete confusion, and Sessh trying to calm them both down.

"What is that, Ashen?! What is that?!" Kiera yelled.

"The door." Ashen said.

"Dammit, quit fooling around!" Kiera continued to shout. The four band members came out from the other side of the curtain too.

"Hi," the first one said, "um, we would like to perform here."

"Do you have any credentials?" Ashen said.

"Um…we're zombies."

"You're hired." Ashen said.

"How much?"

"How about free food and lodging?" Ashen said.

"Deal. Where's our room?"

"Take a pick. We don't live here." Ashen said, turning to his friends, who were completely dumbfounded at what he was planning. "So, do you guys have a name?"

"No," the first gray figure said, "we're working on that."

"For now you'll be the Burial Ground Band." Ashen said. The creatures just stood staring blankly. "Hey, you don't get paid to stand around! Set up your sound equipment!"

"We don't get paid at all. You just said you'd let us live here."

"Stupid zombie people!" Rai yelled.

"Yeah, you guys have to set up now, or the crowds are gonna riot!" Sessh said. The undead instrumentalists quickly began to set up their instruments.

"Right on, Ashen." Kiera said, smiling.

"Band check." Ashen said, "and now for the rush."