I know I know, bad Venus breaking more of fictionpress's rules! What a bad little devil I am!

Well I wanted to let everyone know that I am reworking Hard Candy, as well as working with my coauthor and future wife on short stories and whatnot as there is so much more story than anyone has gotten to see yet. J I know for a fact the Takashi ending didn't make sense in context, etc., and I will try and rewrite the story to contain less…loose ends – after all, this is mob we're dealing with. Mob doesn't have loose ends! Haha!

While none of the mob stories:

Crossing Wires Collection
The Wrath of the Forsaken
Birthday Present
Accidents Happen
Take Care of Me
Le Chat du Voler
Hard Candy

Are all lovely, not all will be reworked. However they are being moved to a joint account called LadyBeauteous. If you'd like to continue reading my lovely Lockhall bad boys, I'm happy to point you in the right direction!



-Venustas iaceo ("beauty lie dead" ) and Kyria-asimi