When you say my name, I fly to the peak of imagination yet I experience reality at the same time. You have the power to affect my psyche to soar through the passageways of fantasy but simultaneously you strike a definite chord that brings me back to the universe of actuality.

You may say that I am the perfect abomination of the mixture of honey and mustard. You do not sleep unless you feel my presence at your side. But I tell you, no matter what we go through, you are safe in my arms.

You may say that we need to be educated through one another's examples. When we discuss religion and history, your lessons nauseate me. But, your devices are important parts of my life. And so are you.

You may say that I am as beautiful as potatoes. You may deny your fondness for me, yet you cannot deceive me because I can interpret your overwhelming affection for me through your actions. Whatever comes up, your hand is the one which I will hold on to.

You may say that I have substance. You fascinate me because you can be emotional and emotionless at the same time. You are my first ally and my logical psycho. To offer my moments, yearning, is awesome. You remind me that I am a thinker, but that does not mean that I lost the ability to feel. Like diamonds, you almost have me addicted to your interesting views.

You may say that what I convey to you is confusing. In your eyes, paradise is composed of water lilies and fish. But I have never imagined being in a boring desert that you consider your home. Yet, you are the person who can make me realize the complexities of geography and language.

You may say that you want "to braid my pretty hair." We fill each other with laughter. I like to stay beside you.

You may say that weirdness is the best policy. You scare me at times, but I am aware of the responsibility that I have to get used to your presence.

You may say that I have to be independent and I have to solve the puzzles of existence through my own instincts. Mind you, you are in great need to figure your planets out. Yet, you are still essential to me.

You may say that I can ask you about anything. You are willing to share all the answers. Although we rarely see each other now, nothing can make me forget you.

You may say that I have the potential. Surprisingly, you never speak to me seriously. Nonetheless, you delight my senses and you inspire me.

You may say that I am weaker than you are. You seem to help me to stay strong, yet at times you never understand. Still, even if you cannot make or break my wonderful world, you are one of the reasons why I call it "wonderful."

You may say that I do not allow your soul to fly in the realm of dreams. Yet, my only purpose for doing that is to stop your mind from being contaminated with hopeless visions of false opinions. You do not even explain to me why you choose to reside in this abyss of secrecy. Ironically, I still wish to talk to you.

You may say that I do not succeed in defining my aim. I notice that you do not even know where to go for your ideas are a twisted labyrinth turned upside-down and inside out. Nevertheless, you hold a promise of pleasure.

You may say that I can overcome everything. You attempt to aid me in my desires even though you know quite well that I am likely to fail. But in the process, I learn a lot of things that I do not expect to encounter.

You may say that you can trust me. However, remember that golden fists are better than black ones. A pact is not meant to be unsealed, but mind you, I can attach or insert other things into that seal without breaking it. Still, I like your perspective.

You may say that you scream only to unleash your emotion. I am here for you to offer my stories of encouragement during the most drastic of times. You have done so many favors for me that I think of you every now and then. I can never thank you enough.

You may say good things to me. You shower me with compliments and images that keep my sanity intact. You promise to protect me, although I cannot guess how you will do so. We try to handle the humor mixed with the properties of a morsel of seriousness. You express your liking for me, but there is immeasurable amount of ether between us. Yet, no matter how infinite these barriers are, my voice will seep through its immaculacy, and will proclaim how endless my love for you is.

When bubbles on the strainer melt after I expose them to open fire, I shall teach you to be near me. Finally, we shall be free to drown in the aspirations of an albatross.