I found justice in that apple

I bit into so wickedly

Tilting my head into the sunlight

So that you could clearly see

My dimples cutting slightly

With juice dribbling down my chin

And I pushed it away

With laughing hands

Hiding the hurt I held within

I felt your eyes watching

And I gave them quite a show

With stretched out dancer's legs

That with warmth began to glow

I laughed wildly as the wind

Threaded through my hair

Just to show you once again

How little that I care

To show you how alive I felt

And how happy I was to be free

Free of the torture that I found

While held under your thumb

So I bit into that apple beautifully

And bathed myself with sun

But I cried later that night

When all the light was gone

I sat in an old pair of sweats with my hair a mess

And listened to our song

The next morning I saw the marks

Of crying on my face

But I smiled remembering

That apple's sweet taste

The justice in watching

Your mouth fall open with surprise

As if you've never once before

Seen me through such eyes

Yes, I found justice in that apple

That I bit into wickedly

It's just incredibly sad that it took

An apple for you to see (me).