The evanescent breeze

Took her hair in its hand

And began

Turning it this way and that

Covering and uncovering her face

She turned to face the path she had left behind

Her golden brown eyes

Caught mine

I could see the glimmer of love

And disbelief in her eyes

For sometime ago

I had died.

The world had cast its shadow,

Shrouding me in its cloud of darkness and hell

I knew I was alive

She, of course, did not.

So naturally, she was in shock when her glimmering golden brown eyes

Met the dull black of mine

Somehow, she saw me

Somehow, she met me

Although the darkness still shrouded me

She didn't seem to care

All she cared about, was me

And the fact that I still lived on

Even in the darkness of the world

I had lived on

I had lived on to do one thing

See her

To see the shimmer

Of those golden brown eyes

That were full of life

Enough for the both of us