She sat cross-legged on the floor of her room, with only a white bra on her upper body. But only her feet were cold. She leaned back against her bed briefly, closing her eyes and mouthing a line of words from the melancholy, yet poignant, music that played from her computer speakers in the background.

Although her tool rested upon her left knee, she wielded it between her fingers like her friends' cigarettes that left her hair smelling like smoke. To remedy that, she was going to take a shower as soon as she got home – which was an hour earlier than she'd planned – but finding herself alone, and discovering this would be the case until after 2 A.M., it didn't seem to matter much anymore. No, nothing mattered except the blade in her left hand, the soon coming release of pain to free her mind, her soul.

The fingers of her free hand brushed the raised scars on her left arm even as the eyes admired the ones on the right while deciding where to place her mark. Her little kitten was asleep in the cleft of her right knee, but gently she placed Star on the floor so she could play or sleep in the carrier. She wanted no witnesses and no company, not even a tiny kitten. She had nothing to prove and no one to blame. This was for her and her alone.

She brought the blade closer, touched it to skin just long enough to feel the iciness of the metal which seemed to glow in the light. She could hear it calling; her own personal song. This was her life. She had nothing to lose anymore. The music cried, "I can hear you in a whisper but you can't even hear me screaming."

So, she stopped listening and began to scream as the world turned


A/N: Song lyrics from Evanescence "Where Will You Go"