Scratch the surface

Of unresolved anger

See my pain

I wear it like a badge

To let them know

I'm not right inside

I'll never be one of the guys

Never loud

Or stupid

(just for the hell of it)

I won't be the Photoshop copy

Hair clipped short

Tan skin

Not to tall but never short


I'm not them

I never was

And still ain't

Hair long

Pale skin

(trace the veins)

To tall to ever be one of the crowd

Part of me has always been off

I've been in dark places

But came out stronger


And just a tad taller

Not the quiet stone-faced kid

But something

All together new

Always the outcast

Dressed in black

My nose in a book

But I'm starting to scratch the surface

Of who I am

Finding my passion

What I love

What I hate

And that dark


Bastard within

Is just a tad quieter

Never again

The quiet stone-faced kid