"Well," Ares said, "It looks like it's going to take longer then a day to win this war, Hades. Zeus thinks this is a game. Athena and Hera are on Zeus's side, Apollo and Artemis are against everybody and so are the Fates. Demeter," at Demeter's name, Persephone winced, "Hestia, Hermes and Hephaestus are all neutral. We might not win."

"Nephew, please calm down," Hades said, "I know this is definitely not going as planned but we will still win. We have you, the god of war and this is a war so the god of war could help. A lot. We're going have to use the master thunderbolt on Zeus. Anyway, Zeus still has enough things to distract him right now. I shall call up the dead human war strategists including, Napoleon, Genghis Kahn, Robert E. Lee and others. No matter how long it takes, we will win."

"The both of you be quiet," Poseidon said, "I need to tell you what our forces are doing right now. My sea-nymphs are attacking the Balkan Peninsula, Athena's land, but her forces are pretty strong and we are not getting anywhere. Zeus is attacking my land, Russia, from Alaska, since he has North and Central America and my Cyclopes troops are defending. The Fates have been seen everywhere, including enemy land. Artemis is attacking Zeus from South America and Hera is sending her troops from Greenland down there so Zeus doesn't get too preoccupied. It seems that while Artemis is attacking Zeus, Apollo is attacking you, Hades in Australia. Hermes, seemly afraid he's going be attacked by us is attacking you, Ares, in Kazakhastan. I suggest you just defend yourself and don't attack because he's a neutral. We don't want to have to deal with them right now. Well, that's the overview of the war, for now." At that they assumed their bickering.

"I am summoning up the strategists right now. They will be in the conference room shortly. Meanwhile, we have to find out how to activate the master thunderbolt, for it seems it has a key code," Hades announced.

"Well, I don't have the time for that. You and Persephone work on that while, Aphrodite and I will deal with the actual war at hand."

"ARRRRRR!!!" he screamed running at the Cyclops. He was a mortal, caught in the sudden disaster. He was against the gods and their intrusion. They had ruined religion, the one thing that kept humans going, with this big war of theirs. There was a whole network of them. People like him. People who wanted to fight back; to stop the gods—the intruders.

His name was Andrew; before this all he had been a police officer. As he ran at the Cyclops monster, he pulled out his gun and shot aimlessly, somehow managing to hit the monster's giant eye. The Cyclops screamed in pain as a bloodied, dirty man jumped on the giant stabbing a knife into it's back.

He turned around; the Cyclops was dead. He had no time for games; he had watched his companions, his friends, even his first born child, be seduced by sea nymphs, or other magical creatures. He had seen the dead march past him, lifeless. Andrew saw the lifeless body of the man who had stabbed the Cyclops fall backwards. He turned around and fired.

Zeus sat down. How could his family do this to him? How could they betray him like that? It was true that they had drifted apart more and more over the past millennia: Zeus had become the Christian "God" among other things while the gods had taken other paths. Mortals had started to consider Hades as "Satan" or "The Devil." This was probably why he was so defiant of Zeus. But Poseidon, he had been treated as "God" for a long time by the Jewish people. Why should he hate Zeus? Because he always has and always will, Zeus answered himself. Ares. Ares hadn't even the honor of being known by the human race for practically the past millennia. He had hated Zeus because of this. And humans. They hated him because he had lied to them, had- had---well the point was, he had almost no allies. He would have to fight this war alone.