Another Imprint on My Heart

- - -

A velvet blue sky,

Like the dress you gave me,

A moon like diamonds,

Like the ring you brought me,

Clouds like the soft

Make-up set you presented,

Stars like the pearls,

That nature invented.

A dot-to-dot line,

Joining each falling raindrop,

A romantic life,

Where love cannot be stopped.

A world in which you,

And I live forever,

Smiles all around,

Love binds us together.

A bracelet or band,

Of promises made,

Silver earrings,

For hopes that are laid.

An anklet or ring,

Without a single sound,

A blown kiss captured,

And soul mates are found.

I look out the window,

And watch as you go,

This life I had dreamed,

Was not for us to know.

All that it was,

Was a wish and daydream,

You were the King,

And I was the Queen.

We played our roles,

But it was not enough,

We lacked something,

Perhaps it was love.

Even though you were here,

We were far apart,

So goodbye and good luck,

Another imprint on my heart.