Losing the Real You

You were everything I always wanted, and all that I had,

I gained happiness when I saw you, but now I just get sad.

You used to stand so tall with honesty and trust,

But now all I see inside your fate is disgust.

I reach for you as I put forth my hand,

You push it away and call me too bland.

Never shall you understand, what you're doing wrong,

You believe you now fit in, but you will never belong.

I try to bring you back to the good side, so once again you can shine.

But each time I terribly fail do so, as you calmly state you're fine.

The truth is you're too scared to change, for you think it's too late,

But you have to believe me, there's still time to change your fate.

The sooner you stop all of this nonsense, the sooner we can move on,

And we won't have to relive those memories, they shall all be gone.

It's true, I'm losing you, as I grip on harder to your shirt,

And yet, I won't give up, as much as the thought does hurt.