fury is the hardest emotion
to let go. that day i saw blue
red orange and fireflies dove
into a sea of biting dogs. i
panic. i rose to the occasion.

i hurt because i don't know
how to ache or heal or freeze
my tears, but equal
death. not real death, but death
in the way that i could never see.

friends or just pretend? that i
could never see, just as you
never saw the real me. frozen in
a tear, dripping with lust and
fear, feeling your presence near,

all that i can feel, you and a
few wounds to heal. forever in
the sense of being too close to
never, and will it always be
never? i want some closure here.

i want you without my fear. you
know i can't resist the passion
of your kiss, the touch i'll never
feel, but a kiss is just a kiss,
or is it more than this? from here

to where your comfort lies, like
sarah said, you'll dance with
flies, and break my bones with your
sweet hiss, a kiss, my bliss, and
too much of this. i'll never know

what could have been, what would
have been, you should have been.
eat my breath and taste this lie,
a broken phony alibi, and you're
too honest to make me cry. don't

believe what you hear, believe
what i say, and can we begin again
someday? forget the rest, what we
have said, in one short moment,
we'll all be dead, then we'll regret

what we never knew, the ones who
don't find love so true, and here
we are, waiting for the truth to
knock upon our door, a feeling hard
but soft alike, frightened our hearts

and weakened our sights. i feel and
breathe and never will know the pain
in my heart is sure to grow. within
without into the fire, sarah says
again this time i won't lie.

you. me. life. death. we won't be the rest.

A/N: "Sarah" refers to Sarah McLachlan.