Seeing Me

by, Cassandra

Lock the door and throw away the key
It doesn't matter, really
I'm not going anywhere...
It's not like I could move
Even if I wanted to
My mind's sublime ideas
Suddenly seem so... cold
Like I suddenly lost control
Of everything I was trying to hold
Maybe seeing things through your eyes
Changed the way I see myself...
Glaringly obvious, except to me
I was blaming you for my mistake
Hurts so bad, but somehow good
Unable to stop this train wreck
Though I really should...
Fascinated by my flaws
Seeing everything through my new eyes
Fabricating the life I've lived
Unable to fill the mold that I am in
Trying to impress the people passing by
With a façade of colors invisible to the naked eye
Painting this picture of what life is like
Through my mind's eye...
But I lost myself miles ago
Scared to look back, lest I lose control
Trying to beat myself to the finish line
Who am I to walk away;
When I have pressed rewind so many times?