Submaker by Day, Vampire by Night

Fear eloped in tortured eyes, each step of the creature wrapped in darkness sending another threshold of panic through a pounding heart. Dry lips couldn't find the words to scream as the ever thought of death loomed throughout the alley.

"So this is how I'm going to die."

A small grin danced across the creature's face as if it could read minds when futile screams finally came out of it's victim's mouth, one milky white canine incisor longer and sharper than a regular humans peering out.

"Oh don't worry darling," the creature hissed, the voice feminine, yet dark and venomous. "This wont hurt a bit."

The creature advanced with a salutary step, grinning even more as it's victim struggled like a trapped fly in a spider's sticky web before falling limp and silent.

Drawing away, a thumping noise was heard as a soulless body fell to the cold ground, the creature stepping back a bit as if to admire it's work. A look of sadistic pride came over the crimson lips as the creature licked the salty-sweet liquid off their lips before all forms of emotion faded away.

"Too easy..." the female voice whispered as with a turn of the heels, the creature of the night slowly walked away as silent as death, one thought ringing through it's blackened mind.

"So this is how I'm going to live...."