Indigo raced into the main area of the sub shop, the speech raging through her brain ready to blurt out the moment she saw Jack.

However, the first person she saw caused her to stop dead in her tracks.

"O-oh. Hey Aby."

"Don't sound so excited," The rusty haired girl muttered, tying a clean black apron about her.


"Don't say you're sorry. I wouldn't be so happy to see me if I was you."

Indigo looked at her friend questionably. "Something up?"

"Well, besides the fact that Jack almost ran me over... by the way what is he doing here?"

Indigo opened her mouth, but Aby interrupted her.

"Never mind. I don't feel like questioning fate," she let out a sigh. "Anyway, Scott is getting on my last nerve. He keeps denying the fact that he kissed me. And that just annoys me to no end, because... because..."

"Because you secretly like him?"

Aby stared at her so called friend in dead shock. "H-How could you even assume that I-..." Her voice began to trail off. "That I..." She paused again. "Oh, forget it!" With that, the teen threw her arms up into the air and went to start her work day, leaving Indigo to smirk slightly.


At the sound of her name, she whirled around to face Scott, who was just tying his apron behind his back. His hair was disheveled even more than usual, as he groped behind him for his hat located on the high shelf placed in the back room that held the various coolers, and lead into the storage room.

"What's up, Scotty-boy?" Indie questioned, her mind wandering slightly to the thought of Jack as Scott proceeded into telling her that he wanted to put in some of his CDs to listen to that night, and if that was alright, seeing that she was the 'boss' tonight and he figured he might as well double check with her before changing the radio station or regular rounds of CDs that usually made their way through the beat up boom box that sat idly on top of the station where usually the workers would core various vegetables to get them ready for slicing.

"So, can I?"

"Hm?" Indigo snapped out of her own little world as she stared blankly at a very exasperated co-worker. "Oh, yeah, whatever you want to do, Scott," she muttered, waving it away as she began walking to the sub warmer area of the shop.

"Thanks, Indie!" The boy exclaimed, turning around giddily as he powered up the boom box, which began to play a strange, slightly hypnotic tune.

"Hey!" Scott's loud voice demanded attention as he turned up the song that the radio was playing. A commanding flute-sounding instrument wafted throughout the shop, causing each employee to perk up their ears.

"Sound like some sort of snake charmer's song..." Aby pointed out mostly to herself, though Indigo immediately snapped her head to her friend and nodded at the observation. However, when she did so, out of the corner of her eyes she saw Jack, who was standing rigid by the cash registers. The vampire teen turned slightly to watch as Jack's eyes appeared to dilate; his fingers twitched. Then, suddenly, his body began to sway slightly from side to side, his arms finding their way above his head as though he were an Egyptian. But before anything else could happen before Indigo's wide eyes, Scott let out a long grunt.

"Borrringgg!" he cried, sticking in his CD as soon, a loud, classic rock sounding guitar blared throughout. A grin crossed over the dark haired boy's face. "Ahhh, now this is real music!"

Indigo let out a small chuckle before her attention was sent back to Jack. By this point, he had seemed to snap out of his momentary lapse of idiosyncratic behavior and was now biting his lower lip slightly, as he began to glance around in almost a frightened manner.

That is, until the moment his eyes hit Indigo's, and the fear increased to the point that when he broke contact and walked off into the back of the shop, Indigo was left breathless.

Five hours later, Scott appeared from the front dining area, throwing his arms up in the air.

"As of nine o' five, we are officially closed!"

"Yaaaay," Came the forced enthusiastic reply from the rest of the crew, each one lost in a various cleaning task.

The night shift had been anything less than interesting.

While Aby avoided Scott by making subs the entire night, Scott had been trying to get Aby's attention as he paused only for customers and to tend to the front of the shop. Jack found himself working the grill and fryer, keeping nearly silent as Indigo attempted to start a conversation between making subs on the other station.

And poor Mallory, a sixteen year old athletic girl with auburn colored hair who had been working at the sub shop for about three months, was left to wonder why she was constantly sensing a huge suppressing aura around the entire shop.

"Hey, Indie?"

Indigo glanced over her shoulder from where she was perched on top of one of the sub making station's counters. Because of her height, the only way for her to comfortably clean out the sub roll warmers was to jump onto the counters that they sat on top of- and no one seemed to have the heart or guts to tell her to try to a different method.

"What is it, Mal?" Indigo questioned, wiping away some precipitation that had gathered on her forehead.

"Can you come here a moment?"

"Yeah, sure. One sec..." Indigo took one last final swipe at the inside of the sub roll warmer with her rag before hopping off the counter and heading to the large, three sectioned sink where Mallory was hunched over.

"What's the matter?"

Mallory glanced up at Indigo, before pointing to the farthest left sink, where a lovely bunch of discolored water mixed with various remnants of vegetables and meat filled half of the sink. "It won't drain."

Indigo gave the girl a questionable glance. "You're kidding me."

Mallory shook her head and leaned back. "I've tried everything!"

"You finished all the dishes, right?"


The vampire teen let out a sigh. "Then why don't you finish cleaning out the sub warmer and I'll see if I can get this stubborn sink to work."

Mallory smiled and nodded before going off to do her assigned job as Indigo glanced at the sink and with a deep breath, plunged her arm right into the muck.

Ten minutes later, Indigo removed her hand and let out an angry grunt. "Curse you, you foul excuse for a sink!"

Everyone in the sub shop peered over at the disgruntled teen.

"Oh dear," Aby muttered, glancing at Jack. "She's cursing inanimate objects- she's finally lost it."

"What's the matter, Indie?" Scott called from where he was mopping.

"The bloody sink won't drain!"

Laughter was heard. "That's impossible!"

"Okay, Mighty Man, why don't you come over here and try to fix it while I mop?"

There was a slight pause.

Well, until Aby began to snicker. "You go, Indie!"

Scott immediately stood up straight as though Aby's comment had electrocuted his testosterone. Before someone could ask what the matter was, he was standing next to Indigo, glaring down at her.

Indigo grabbed a paper towel and wiped the grime off her hands. "Oh look! Mighty Man to the rescue!"

Scott quirked one eyebrow slightly, before placing a hand on the vampire teen's shoulder and turning her towards the front. "Do you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"It's the sound of Mr. Mop whispering sweet words into your ear! He wants you to hold him and move him and clean the floor with-"

Indigo held up her hand. "That's enough, Mighty Man. You fix the sink and I'll seduce Mr. Mop."

Scott patted her on the back. "That's my girl." With that, Indigo rolled her eyes and went off to complete her new job as the ebony haired boy began to tackle the dastardly sink.

Twenty minutes, and all cleaning jobs later, Scott finally let out a frustrated grunt.

"No luck, I'm guessing?" Indigo questioned as she finished dumping the mop water into a small, floor level sink.

"Grrr," Scott grumbled.

"I'll take that as a yes..." The vampire teen let out a sigh and glanced over to Mallory. "Hey, Mal?"


"You finished the nightly check list, right?"

"All done!" The athletic girl exclaimed.

"Excellent. Then feel free to punch out and go home. You did a great job tonight!"

Mallory smiled. "Thanks, Indie!" She exclaimed before going to the back room to grab her coat. After a moment, goodbyes were in order, the door shut, and one less person was left in the subshop.

"Need any help?" Indigo questioned next as she leaned slightly on the sink Scott was currently cursing at.

"Nah, I'm using a knife to loosing whatever is blocking it up... and it seems to be draining now... slowly... but I think that- ow!"

The ebony haired boy cursed as he yanked his hands out the muck and immediately turned on the water of the sink.

"What happened?" Indigo questioned, watching as Scott washed his hands quickly before turning off the water and whipping around to show his friend. "Ah, I cut myself a bit..." he muttered, pointing with his good hand to the small attack that his poor index finger had endured.

Indigo stared at the blood dripping down Scott's hand as if in slow motion. Her tongue wrapped around her teeth, pausing by her incisors that seemed to grow at the familiar scent. Her dry lips parted slightly, as she watched intently as the ebony haired boy placed his finger into his mouth, sucking his pain away. Her mouth opened slightly wider as she leaned in closer before, with a gasp, she stepped back. A hand came over her mouth as her heart raced in the confinement of her chest and her head pounded under the pressure.

"You alright, Indie?" Scott questioned through the flesh in his finger.

The vampire teen glanced around, as she could feel her presence slipping from her body. Tears stung her eyes as her body began to shake slightly "I-I'm sorry," she finally managed to speak. "I-I have to go."

And before another word was spoken, Indigo had slammed the door to the sub shop behind her, running as fast as her feet would carry her down the street until she no longer had control over what her body did.

"That was weird..." Scott muttered, glancing at Aby and Jack, who both were staring intensely at the door. "She must have been feeling sick..."

"Maybe I should go after her," Aby muttered. "See if she's okay."

"No." Jack's words trampled upon the rusty-haired female, who quickly snapped her head towards the one person who had barely showed any sort of dominance the entire night.


"I'll go," he insisted, before realizing his place. "I-If that's alright with you."

Aby glanced warily at Scott for a moment before letting out a forced breath. "Well, I guess since everything else is done beside the sink..." she tried her best to keep professional. "Sure. You can leave. Just make sure you call me when you find her or I will kill you."

Jack gave an appreciative smile at the girl before dashing out of the sub shop and into the depressing night guided by a single, grinning moon.

Aby watched as the door swung shut before letting out another breath, this time inhaling deeply afterward and turning around and walking up to where Scott was.

"So, it's just you and me now, huh?" The boy muttered, grinning slightly as Aby chose to focus her attention on the muck that was in the sink.

"How hard is it to unclog a sink?" She suddenly inquired harshly.

Scott seemed taken a back at bit. "When it takes forever to drain, a while."

"Have you tried using something sharp like a knife?" Her tone implied idiocy was the problem.

Scott admitted a low growl. "That's what I'm doing now!"

"You don't have to get all defensive."

"You're attacking my intelligence!"

"It's not my fault you're an idiot."

Scott threw down the small knife he had been using to attack the clog so that it splashed slightly as it hit the mucky water below. "You are impossible to talk to sometimes, do you know that?!" He gripped the edge of the sink tightly, trying to control his anger. "I don't even understand why you're so angry with me!"

Aby's jaw dropped slightly. "Oh, oh, don't even go there. Of course you know why!"

"Sorry to disappoint, but I don't."

"Then you're a moron!"

"I'm a moron?" Scott tightened his hold on the inanimate sink. "I just spent the entire shift trying to get you to look at me- just so I could see you smile, laugh- something that wasn't a look of pure hatred! And yet all you seem to do around me is bicker about this, be vague about that,- what the hell do you want from me?!"

Aby's eyes grew wide for a second before she closed them and seemed to swallow something that wasn't tangible. After a moment, she focused her attention back on the boy. "Just clean out the stupid sink."

Scott was silent for a moment. His mouth opened, but when nothing came out, it closed, and he turned to focus his attention on the muck, using his left hand to attack the grime with the knife, while his right hand stayed stagnant on the sink's lip.

Silence filled the sub shop for a while as after a moment, Aby faced the sink as well, placing her hands on the edge of it as well, looking into the oddly colored mix of water and food as though it held the meaning to life.

"Here," she finally muttered. "Why don't you try-" She moved in closer, but before she could finish her sentence, her hand, which had come up to point something out for a moment, found it's place on top of Scott's hand.

Aby's eyes grew wide as she quickly glanced to where her hand had betrayed her before trailing up to Scott, who was trying to put on a smile. "O-oh... sorry-" she mumbled, pulling away her hand and placing it away from his idle limb as her face grew slightly redder.

However, before she could force herself to glance back up to the boy, she felt a warm hand set onto of hers. Whirling to the side, her heart skipped a beat as Scott smiled slightly. "Don't be," he muttered, before leaning in and placing a sweet kiss on Aby's lips.

The rusty haired girl seemed shocked for but a moment before her eyes closed slowly, her arm finding it's way around his neck as his free hand reached up to hold onto to back of her head.

After a moment, Aby pulled away for a moment. "Wait-" Their lips found one another again for a few seconds. "Did you pull that hand out of the sink without washing it off?"

Scott pushed his lips against hers again, moving his hands up her back. "Mmhmm-" he muttered.

There was a pause.

Aby's eyes opened at the realization that the hand that was once in a pile of god-knows-what was now groping her hair.

And then, without warning, she pushed him off of her. "EW! You idiot! Why don't you think before you place your filthy hands on my hair!" She let out a whimper. "Now I have to go cleanse myself! Great job, Romeo! Have fun cleaning out the sink without me!"

And before Scott could utter a single word of apology, Aby was out the door, cursing the entire way.

The ebony haired boy watched the door slam shut, pausing for a moment before a small smile crossed his lips and he went back to fixing the stubborn sink, humming a sweet tune.