The sky wept today
Wasn't sure if it
Was rain or ice
My eyes blurred
My vision obscured

As I laid you to rest
In this soil, our home
You rest silently

How many times had you walked over
The very ground in which you now lay?
I wonder silently

The gentle jingle of your collar
As you padded along merrily
Now remembered silently

The clack of your paws
On the woodfloor upstairs
You rest silently

I look outside for you
Almost calling your name
Forgetting that yesterday
Was the last time you heard it

My voice hoarse that day
With it the newly formed silence broken
Shattered like my heart
I wonder if yesterday will ever end

12 years

I knew you and called you friend
A companion, albeit a furry one
My constant and unquestioning friend

We grew up together

So I dug your grave
And eased your pain
Petted you softly
Hugged you gently
And laid you to rest
With a piece of my heart
That bleeds

12:54 am




Author's Note: This is dedicated to Rocket. He was a 12, almost 13 year old tri-color collie. He one of the most loving animals I have ever met and was the face we came home to. He had cancer and the tumor was finally cutting off the blood supply to his back legs, spine, and entirehindquarters. He was in a bad way and we would not put him through any more. It really did rain that day. Twice. So on Friday we had him put to sleep as we lovingly said goodbye to our old friend. This is all that I can do at the moment, I wish I could have done more for him. Goodbye old friend, thank you for the time you spent with us.