It was nearing the full moon. Kevin Daily tossed and turned in his bed. He would fight off the change, resist the call. The call of the hunt. The call of the moon. He moaned.

'I won't change tonight!, I won't!' he thought as he rolled onto his back. He calmed as a cloud passed over the moon, covering its silvery light. He blondish brown hair clung to his sweat drenched face. His breaths were quick and shallow. The cloud passed over. Moonlight flooded his room. His back arched and mouth opened to a silent scream. His beast pressed against his skin trying to break free

'Why didn't I close those damn curtains?!'

He rolled out of bed, making a small thump as he hit the floor. His fingertips brushed the curtains edge, as the moon brilliantly shined back to his room. Covered in moonlight, he couldn't fight.

"Damn curtains," he strained from his throat. He could feel his beast clawing him up inside, yearning to get out. The furry boiled, and grew inside him, getting bigger faster.

His skin broke, followed by a tortured scream. Fur flew out of his broken skin, he rolled on the floor as his bones shifted and grew. His face began to lengthen into a muzzle, stretching his pale, sweat-drenched skin. A blond brown muzzle burst from his face. Moans began to evolve into growls, and grunts as his human throat became that of a wolf's.

He lay panting on the ground as his change finished. Newly turned muscles shook and quivered, as his chest rose and fell. The soft lucid moonlight streamed through his window, cooling his hot body.

The newly shifted wolf stood up and padded out of the room, and jumped through the open window.

The crisp night air filled his lungs, along with the scents of garbage, exhaust, and human. His prey. He loped down the streets, growing in speed as the aroma of his prey neared. The smell grew stronger, began to slow his pace, stealthily creeping through the park's underbrush.

He heard the squeak of the swing set, and the heavy breathing of sleeping human. Peering through the thick bush he saw a sleeping mother, her child swinging unguarded on the swing set. The rich sweaty smell of the child filled his nostrils. He slowly moved toward his prey. The child was swinging back and forth, not a care in the world. Lowering himself to the ground he prepared to strike. The child stopped, and hopped of the swing, and ran to mommy. His back legs propelled himself from his former position, and he land upon the child, teeth bared.

The child's high pitched screamed filled the night's air.