Never Give Up

Dedicated to all abused women. My heart really goes out to you. I hope you find the courage to take the step of rescuing yourself. Don't depend on anyone else ever. You are the only one you can trust and you should always make the best of every opportunity.

- - -

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow's a mystery, today is a gift...that's why it's called the PRESENT."

NB: This poem is from an under-20 yr old mothers' point of view

She stands at the sink,

Back bent and eyes closed,

Tears stinging her eyes,

Blood covered clothes.

This was not how she dreamed,

Of life with her lover,

A slave in her own house,

A helpless mother.

Kids locked in the closets,

While he smashed every dish,

Furniture broke,

And the love she cherished,

Was chased away,

Into the darkest hour,

Stars did not twinkle,

Sorrow dripped from each flower.

Time dragged by,

And she did not know,

How long she stood,

And when he did go.

Silence was absolute,

Only the clock ticked slowly,

She sat on a chair,

And prayed to all that was holy.

She could end it now,

There was nothing to it,

Slit her throat or hang herself,

She could easily do it.

But then there was a cry,

A word of pure love,

"Mama" cried her son,

From the rooms above.

And she did decide,

But it would not be her end,

Determined and strong,

Her wounds would soon mend.

She ran to her children,

And packed a few clothes,

There would be no more crying,

No time for eyes to close.

Young and uncertain,

She certainly was,

But she had learnt the lesson,

To never give up.

To keep on trying,

Because life is too short,

Next time she would be ready,

To face what life brought.