Happily Ever After

- - -

Plz ignore the obvious cliché in this. I know perfectly well that it doesn't always happen, but a girl can hope, right? (And by hoping, I don't mean deceiving myself if any of u r thinking that:)

- - -

We look down over the rail,

Into the moonlit, glittery water,

I reflect upon myself right then,

As a girlfriend, sister and daughter.

Life so far has been too short,

And I have so much to reveal,

Like those emotions buried deep,

In my heart, in my mind, I feel.

How can you ever tell the difference,

Between a crush and a lifelong love,

For you stand beside me, as a friend,

But somehow it is not enough.

I don't want to spoil this moment of peace,

It means too much to me,

You have never guessed the true depth,

Of how happy and loved I feel.

With you by my side, I can imagine,

A world where we win in the end,

Twist each problem, break defences,

And then help others to mend.

A life full of passion and adventure,

Filled with teasing, giggles and laughter,

A place where all of our dreams come true,

And we live happily ever after...